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  1. Guava leaves

    My dad has some guava trees out back and I read they can be added into shrimp tanks to help with all sorts of good things. My question is does species of guava matter? Here's pictures of the leaves of the fruit for refrance. And yes their toxin free.
  2. What am i doing wrong!?

  3. What am i doing wrong!?

    No my lights are on a 6 hour cycle. 8-10 am 830pm-1am
  4. What am i doing wrong!?

    Ive been fighting BBA algae a while now. Thesee are my lights. Parameters: pH 7.0 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Phosphate 10 PPM (maybe more) My tank is about 16-18 inches deep, i dose KH2PO4, Iron Chelate, KNO3, and traces every other day GH booster weekly after WCs I inject gas and up...
  5. Another algea question

    I don't know that's tricky isn't it? Algea goes nuts if there's to much or to little
  6. Another algea question

    I can't knock it back, minimum is 8 hours.
  7. Another algea question

    A finex LED light, it's on like 8 hours a day I have two otos and a few Amanos but nothing. Maybe I should not feed flakes a few days.
  8. Another algea question

    20 g
  9. Another algea question

    What do Green Spot Algea, Black Bead Algea, and a green bushy furry algea have in common? I can't seem to kill them and they all seem to be happening I'd also prefer not to keep dosing excel to try and kill it all.
  10. Nerite on its back

    Since October of last year
  11. Nerite on its back

  12. Nerite on its back

    Yes the Amonia, nitrate, and nitrite are 0
  13. Nerite on its back

    They just graze on algea.
  14. Nerite on its back

    Api liquid
  15. Nerite on its back

    The toxins are at zero. I have platies and cardinals and otos
  16. Nerite on its back

    Hi, I recently purchased 4 nerites for my 20 gallon and they were fine for the first day or so but now they all on their backs and they come out of the shell but don't right themselfs. I've tried righting them myself but they just end up on their backs again my parameters check out my ph is in...
  17. Hydra

    It won't kill my asassin snail right?
  18. Hydra

    I guess it's as good a method as any
  19. Hydra

    I have to many for that
  20. Hydra


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