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  1. Led Bracket

    Is it ok to lay the LED light bar directly on the glass? When it's sitting on the brackets it a lot of unwanted light coming out the sides.
  2. Switched From Gravel to PFS

    It wasn't as hard as I thought. I moved the fish over to my 20 high (38 community fish) and took the gravel out and put the pool filter sand in. The tank was a cloudy for around 3 hours and now crystal clear. What I want to know is what do you guys do with the all that extra gravel? I have a lot...
  3. Aquaclear back siphon

    I have 5 Aquaclear filters 2-50's 2-70's and 1-110. I always take the intake tube completely out before I shut it off before water changes so the water don't siphon back out into the tank. What is the best way to stop the back siphon? It's got to be a better way than that.
  4. Is this a bristlenose pleco?

    I got this pleco from a LFS around 5 or 6 months ago. It's suppose to be a bristlenose. I was told that it's probably a female because there are no bristles. It's seems to be getting awful big. It's around 5 or 6 inches.
  5. Goldfish

    I found goldfish fry in my filter around a mouth ago. Moved 8 of them to my 20 gallon high. I wondering how long can they be in that tank. Before I should be concerned about stunting there growth. Right now they are around a half inch and bigger.
  6. 90 Gallon Tank I had to buy it

    Got a Rena XP3 for $50 at Petsmart. LOL. I didn't need it but I was thinking about replacing my Aquaclear 500 with a XP2 but they didn't have anymore and said they wasn't getting anymore and won't be sellling them anymore. Wow what a deal. So now my 90 gallon got a XP4 and a XP3.
  7. 55 Gallon Tank Tank Mates

    Hi Fishlorians. I have Gold and Opaline gouramis. Two of each. They are getting along fine and wondering what would be some good tankmates. Can I get more gouramis?
  8. Help Unexpected fry

    Please try to bare with me on this. A couple of days ago I glanced down at my filter and saw fry swimming around. Not expecting this or knowing what to do I poured all of the water and some of the mum from the filter into my 10 gallon Q tank. This tank has gravel in it. Well at first I maybe saw...
  9. 55 Gallon Tank Overstocked/Goldfish

    I have 3 shubunkins 2 ryunkins a black moor and a rubberlip pleco. My water params are 0,0 Nitrates 20 before a water change. This tank have been this way for four months. It's a 55 gallon with a Rena XP3 and a Tetra Whisper Ex70 filters. My question is can I keep it stocked this way with two...
  10. 55 Gallon Tank When to remove HOB

    Two days ago I got a Rena XP3 and put it on my 55 gallon. My question is how long do I leave the old HOB filter on. I know it have to stay on for a while until the new filter aquires BB and can keep up with the bioload. So when is a safe time to remove the HOB?
  11. Help Canister Filter

    I just ordered a Rena xp3 for my 55 gallon tank. Here's my problem. I have 2 tanks stacked. Both are on the same stand. I just saw a video saying That the tank have to be 24 inches above the filter. The tank I want to put it on is the bottom tank which is 2 inches off the floor. Is their anyone with...

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