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  1. Matt's First Fry!

    Nov 4 All 6 fry looking healthy. They are eating a lot and are probably 3x their original size by now. Woke up to more eggs plastered to the glass on my fish tank lol!
  2. Matt's First Fry!

    Here is three of them.
  3. Matt's First Fry!

    6 lil fry, removed the rest of the eggs. Lets see who makes it to adulthood.
  4. Matt's First Fry!

    Oct 30 Most of the unhatched eggs are looking pretty white and fungusy, will give them another few hours before taking them all out. There are 6-8 healthy hatchlings, not the number I was hopin for but c'est la vie. Might try to induce more breeding from the corys. Here are some of those pics.
  5. Matt's First Fry!

    Oct 30 Roughly 2130 ET, I noticed the first fry when doing a little water change. I must have noticed at the right moment because within minutes there were 8 more breaking out of their egg shells and swimmin along. So excited!! Spent the next 2 hours or so watching them all swim around and new...
  6. Planaria, dewormer dosage and time?

    Well that changes things! Can't help ya as I have no idea lol. Best of luck & have a stellar day!
  7. Matt's First Fry!

    Here is the setup. I have since turned up the flow on that air pump, turned it down to see the eggs for a picture. I like this closeup, can get a good view of the embryos on a few of them.
  8. Matt's First Fry!

    Day 3 Oct 29 1:30 Am: Decided to increase their tupperware size, larger just seems more practical on so many levels. Removed the lid and now have an air stone in their container. Continuing water changes as the tank isn't fully cycled (yes I know bad bad bad, workin with what I got. Got some...
  9. Tank Question (Goldfish/pleco)

    Best of luck, do what you can with what you have. As I stated, my commons are still swimmin and appear healthy about 4 years later (wow time flies lol). But they are a lot of extra work and I know they will never achieve their full potential. I want to find a pond for them, but no one wants 'em...
  10. I am a new member here

    Well, not much of a breeder, BUT... If many fish, different species, different generational batches keep perishing in large numbers, intuition tells me it would be worth revisiting those water parameters.
  11. Planaria, dewormer dosage and time?

    Could be wrong here but the worms aren't bad. In fact, they are an excellent food source for many fish. What is bad are the conditions they thrive in. The tank probably has lots of organic matter build up. Instead of spending time, energy, and money on killing the worms, I suggest making tank...
  12. Tank Question (Goldfish/pleco)

    Continuation from my post above.... The commons I orphaned were in is now 2019 and they still swimming. Not a reason to keep them, give them a better home, without introducing into the wild. I am still looking for a home, and in the meantime devote extra time to them, as their lives...
  13. Tank Question (Goldfish/pleco)

    Oof. Not terrible but... A) goldfish are cold water, I keep my heater at the lowest setting (68F). I do this to prevent a mass chill in the winter, their tank is next to a window, and I keep windows open all the time! Lol Make sure that heater isn't set too high. If you can't set the temp, take...
  14. Matt's First Fry!

    Day 2: Oct 28 2019. I placed all of the eggs into a Tupperware, which for the time being, I will float in their nursery. Once most of them hatch, and yolks are absorbed, I will release them fully into the nursery for their first feeding. I anticipate they will hatch by Oct 31, but this is...
  15. Matt's First Fry!

    Came home this morning (27 Oct 2019) from a weekend away to find 4 clumps of 131 little eggs on my 10 gallon's glass. After some time, I have come to the conclusion that my Emerald Corys, which are orphans from a friend, must be the parents. This will be a blog of my progress with these little...
  16. Eggs

    What conditions trigger them to breed? So I can avoid it in the future! Lol.
  17. Eggs

    Corys is what I thought... I am in trouble here! Thanks. Any care tips? Going to do my best to raise them right. Have a 23 long in the basement, will figure it out tomorrow. And samsung s10 and patience waiting for it to focus!
  18. Eggs

    Found these eggs on my glass after a weekend away. The tank has emerald corys, ember tetras, and some "pest" snails. Either bladder or pond, not sure which. Any ideas what they are? After some paroozing on the interwebs I believe I know what they are, but want some other opinions. What should...
  19. Diy 125 Stand

    Love it! Make you sure you and everyone who worked on it sign it somewhere!
  20. Diy 29 Gallon Stand.

    Built this thing with my dad when I moved out for my overpopulated goldfish tank.speaking of which, anybody with a pond want some commons?! lol. Wish I documented the process, it was a lot of fun. What do youg guys think?

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