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  1. Adding More Gravel To A Newly Cycled Tank?

    It's a 10 gallon. I'll be sure to rinse the substrate well (I made that mistake when I first set the tank up), and keep an eye on it for a few days before I add any fish. I guess I'm overthinking it, I just want to be sure before I make any big changes. Thanks for your help
  2. Adding More Gravel To A Newly Cycled Tank?

    So my tank just finished cycling 3 days ago and I'm planning on adding some Seachem Flourite on top of the thin layer of gravel I have. All my plants are barely holding in and I'm certain that fish will just uproot them as they swim past. Will adding a new top layer of substrate effect my cycle...
  3. Switching From Fish Food To Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride?

    Awesome! I wasn't 100% sure, thanks for clarifying! Just ordered some, feeling silly that I hadn't found it earlier lol. Glad to know I'm on the right track now at least.
  4. Switching From Fish Food To Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride?

    I'm 3 weeks into my first fishless cycle using fish food and frozen shrimp (can't get ammonia in Australia). It seems to be going well so far but it feels like a bit of a guessing game. I just found Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride for sale in Aus, should I start using that instead of fish food as an...
  5. Did Ebay Plants Seed My New Tank?

    I re-tested both my tap water and tank water for nitrates. What I found was 2 ppm (or there about) in my tap water, and 20 ppm in the tank water. So there's definitely more in my tank! As to why it doubled since this morning, I'm not sure. Maybe I didn't shake it enough the first time or my eyes...
  6. Did Ebay Plants Seed My New Tank?

    I thought the ammonia might be from the prawns still being in there, but it does make sense that there should be none if it were cycled. I didn't even consider this, I'm not sure if I even tested my tap water for nitrates yet, I will do that tonight. Thanks for your help!
  7. Did Ebay Plants Seed My New Tank?

    Hi all! I've been trying to cycle my first 10 gallon tank for 11 days now, using fish food and frozen prawns as an ammonia source (can't get bottled ammonia in Australia). A few days in I added anubias nana in a small pot and some salvinia minima that I purchased from eBay. I've been testing for...
  8. G'day From Aus! (fresh Newb)

    The kit I chose seems to be okay (EcoStyle 47, if you want to have a squiz) and there's a guy on YT who made some good videos on how to beef up the in-build lighting and filtration, so I'm on top of that already. Added some Seachem matrix to the stock filter today so I don't get caught in the...
  9. G'day From Aus! (fresh Newb)

    Hey all! I setup my very fist 10 gallon starter kit tank last night; excited to start the hands on part of this wild leaning experience! I've been doing my research, I have my API testing kit and all the bits and pieces I need to get going so hopefully I won't run into too many problems. I want to...

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