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  1. plants that you really want to have

    rotala sp. Ceylon r. rotundifolia eleocharis vivipara e. acicularis blyxa novoguineensis glossostigme elatinoides riccia fluitans ludwigia arcuata hygrophila polysperma hygophila pinnatifida bolbitis heudelotii anubias barteri var nana petite anubias barteri yellow heart echinodorus...
  2. No media in filter. i'm up for a good fishlore bashing

    I don't use any media in any of my filters, I don't use rings, balls, carbon, zeolite, peat, phosban or anything. I use a couple different sponges and that's all. I feel all of this stuff is a scam just to get money out of us. I know there are some old schoolers that agree with me, and if you...
  3. my new project 55

    this is my diy 3-d background. i siliconed cut stone to the glass. i had it laying around and figured i'd put it to use
  4. mbuna?

    so what is the correct pronunciation of the word mbuna, I say ma-boo-nah. I stopped going to a good fish store store because the lady kept insisting on correcting me and sayin moo-bah-nee. that just sounds wrong to me. anyone speak Malawi?? haha
  5. most water you've had on the floor?

    filter leak, tank blowout, dropped bucket, forgot to turn hose off/ fell out of tank? this stuff kinda happens over the years. what your story?
  6. longest drive to a pet store?

    it would seem as though my lfs is not all I want in a fish store. not exaggerating at all, I can honestly and confidently say that I've been to every pet store and fish store within 2 hours of my house. I've made day trips of fish store hopping. I can easily say I've left a 8a.m. and made it...
  7. peroxide

    anyone have experience spot treating blue green algae with hydrogen peroxide?
  8. anyone ever built a stand that hold a 55 gallon over top of a 90 gallon?

    I think i'm going to try this soon. the 90 gallon has a nice metal stand and I can either keep it or get rid of it. any ideas/ pictures of what you may have?
  9. co2 chart

    anyone have the chart that shows the ph and kh and depending on those two levels gives you your dissolved co2 level?
  10. fishless cycle???

    ok so I've never gone fishless but, I am wondering from someone who does this, do they once the cycle is complete run out and buy twenty seven fish and just dump them in all at once??
  11. any one ever use a hps on a fishtank

    under a high pressure sodium light the plants were
  12. anyone else using aqua top filters?

    i'm using the 500 and a 300 both have 9v uv.
  13. dollar a gallon tanks

    I got a 55! yah my first brand new tank, I have no idea what to put in it. suggestions?
  14. 75 Gallon Tank 50% water change?

    i'm just wondering if anyone thinks a 50% water change is too extreme. i'm changing 30% twice a week already. I just think that big of a change with mess with the cycle. my nitrates are 40 after a 30% pwc

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