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  1. Question Will Bass Outgrow Bluegill ?

    I have some blluegill fry and I want to get a largemouth bass that is the same size but I don’t want it to outgrow my bluegill and bully them I also have 2 koi. So would a largemouth bass be okay in my tank and will it outgrow my bluegill?
  2. Help Why Are They Fighting?

    I have 2 bluegill fry about 1 inch. (only for now until I get a chance to catch a couple more) and they are showing aggression and I don’t know why. But most of the time they are just swimming around together like best friends. They’re in a 125 gallon so there is plenty of space for both of them...
  3. Question Baby Bluegill Growth Rate

    I recently got 2 new bluegill fry and I was wondering what their growth rate would be so I can start feeding them live foods. Btw I feed them a mixture of freeze dried bloodworms and flakes twice a day if that helps.
  4. Question Is My Bluegill Eating Something?

    This is one of 2 of my new baby bluegill. When I watch him closely it looks as if he is eating something. He stops turns as if he is looking at food, chases it down and ‘eats it’ but I see nothing. Is it possible he is eating some sort of microscopic organism or something like that. I would put...
  5. Question What Will Bluegill Fry Eat?

    I netted some bluegill fry while fishing and decided to keep them. They are very small (about a little under an inch.) So what can I feed them?
  6. Help My Fish Are Disappearing

    Im sorry, i dont know where thsi thread goes. but this is urgent. I have a 125 gallon tank and everyday im noticing my fish are gone. about 2 everyday for the past 2-3 days. I have a sturdy lid on my tank. i NEVER leave it open unless im feeding and i would be watching. whats happening???
  7. Help How To Convince Parent To Let Me Put A Tank In My Room.

    I'm not really sure where this thread should be. But anyways I'm 13 and I have a 125-gallon tank in one of my living rooms downstairs. I asked my dad if I could have a tank in my room but said I already have a tank, but I want my own personal one in my room for my desk. I already have an empty...
  8. Help Is Fin Rot/fungus Contagious.

    I have a fish with fin rot and I'm going to get some treatment for it because I just found it my Melafix expired 4 years ago. But do u have to isolate it while I'm waiting to get some more treatment? because I don't want it to spread to other fish especially not my koi.
  9. Help I Have A Leopard Danio With Fin Rot.

    I have just noticed my leopard danio has fin rot, but its in a 125 gallon tank with many other fish. So do i Have to isolate it in order to mediacte it because i already have some melafix, but i dont want it to affect my healthy fish.
  10. Help How Much Should I Be Feeding My Young Koi.

    I have two 4-6" koi fish and i feed them a good amount of food twice a day, but i feel like i dont feed them enough. Btw they eat flakes and sometimes pellets. How much should they be eating?
  11. How Big Do Axolotls Get.

    I've heard they get to aorund 12 inches, but i dont think they do. Because i want some but Im not getting them if they get 12 inches. And also how do i do a setup for them.
  12. Question Crawfish/crayfish In A Community Tank.

    Can I have a Crawfish in a community tank? it will not eat live fish, right? because I really want crayfish but I have some small fish that could get eaten. And if I do have to have a separate tank, whats the smallest tank size a crawfish needs.
  13. Help Help Name My Koi.

    Its not a good picture but its the best i could get ive had him/her for about about a few months now and i cant come up with a name for it. My other smaller one has a name I named him/her Hershey because it have a brown mark near it's tail on each side of it's body and it looks like chocloateI...
  14. Question Will Bumblebee Catfish Eat Small Fish?

    I want to try getting some bumblebees but I know some catfish will eat any little fish they can fit in their mouths. I hear bumblebee catfish are peaceful but I just need to make sure before I get one, because I have little fish. Also, where do I get them I don't have an lfs near me just...
  15. Question Robot Accounts?

    what are these "Robots" i see if you look at members online now?
  16. Where To Put Fry?

    im pretty sure my guppy is pregnant but she seems stressed so I dont want to put her in a breeder box but I have gouramis koi and tetras that would eat the babies. Help. What do?
  17. How Do I Breeding Corydoras

    I want to get some corydoras i also want to try breeding them so if someone could walk me through that i would appreciate it. Edit: also, will different color variant corydoras breed?
  18. Question How Far Can I Travel With Fish?

    I am moving soon (most likely to California) And i have some koi fish and i really want to bring them with me when i do move so do you think it is possible to move 2 koi form ny to california? If so how would I do this?
  19. Question 3.5 Gallon Stocking

    I have a 3.5 gallon Top Fin Aquascene 180 somewhere in my basement and I want to set it up again and put it on my desk as it would be a nice touch to my desk. What are some options for stocking a 3.5 gallon.
  20. Question Bluegill/sunfish Tank

    I have a 125 gallon and Im thinking of catching some small 3-4" bluegill or sunfish for it how many can I have in my tank. Also what are some good foods for them? Any good tankmates?

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