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  1. Corydoras Photos

  2. 2018 10 11_0740 Copy

    2018 10 11_0740 Copy

  3. Tell Me About Salt And Pepper Cory

    They are C.habrosus.
  4. Tell Me About Salt And Pepper Cory

    I have a 45 gallon tank with 9 skirt tetras. I am thinking about getting some salt and pepper corys. Well they do ok with the tetras.
  5. Like Or Agree Buttons

    Yes I did not have them at all. Now I do I think it was because I had not posted anything. After doing this post, I now have them.
  6. Like Or Agree Buttons

    I do not have these, why?
  7. Showing Off My Tanks.

  8. Hi Everyone From North Carolina

    No I am in the western part of NC.
  9. Hi! This Is Me!

    Welcome to the site.
  10. Hi Everyone From North Carolina

    I have had fish off and on most of my life. I had a 55 gallon while living in New Mexico, but sold it before moving back to North Carolina. I now have a 45 gallon with 2 glofish in it. My first hobby is horses, also dogs, chickens and fish.
  11. New Member Here, Thanks For Adding Me.


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