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  1. Broke Tank Hood - No Idea Where To Put This Thread

    Sooooo. . .was doing a water change and stepped on my bowfront glass cover for the 38 gal tank. Tank dimensions are 17.125D x32.25W x25.719H. Looking for recommendations on best place to get a replacement? I've tried googling Marineland 38gal bowfront tank cover and am not confident in my...
  2. Question What Kind Of Cory!?

    i was told this was a bronze Cory but it doesn’t look like it to me but I’m new to cories.
  3. Hello There!

    Hi, I'm a returning hobbyist. My son is 3 and I'm teaching him about tanks. I'm probably pretty novice, but know the basics. Biggest thing is what to stock with what. I have a 39 gallon tank - part live plants, part silk. Am stocked at about 66% per AqAdvisor. - community tank. Looking...
  4. How's The Stock Level Here. 39 Gal Tank

    Have a 39 gal freshwater community tank. Live and silk plants. Stocked currently with 8 neon tetra 5 zebra danio 1 sunburst platy dwarf neon blue gourami 4 bronze corys Looking to add another colorful fish that will work with these and/or some shrimp. Suggestions: Or am I fully stocked...

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