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    blonde naso. one of favorites. Especially the males...they will have like streamers when they get bigger (any male naso will have streamers)
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    protein skimmer for 5 gallon rock and sand should be enough filtration for that size of tank.
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    ATP's 120g Recover and So on,

    Thanks. I'm in high school and with sports and all of that I don't have much time to concentrate on my tanks. I really don't want to leave this hobby so to lighten the load on my shoulders, I think I'll take a break from reefs (not the SW hobby though) so I started slacking off on maintaing...
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    120G SW 2 1200 GPH Powerheads To Much?

    It fine. One of my tanks is also a 120 and I have over 5000 GPH in it.
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    lights for my 10 gal nano

    Small tanks don't really need halides. What I prefer about halides is that they penetrate the water much more that most other lights, but for a 10 gal T5s would be perfect.
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    Question Aggressive Copperband Butterfly?

    All i can say is that every fish is unique, but try rearanging rocks (not too much as that might cause a lot of stress to your fishes)
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    help with coral

    What is your water parameters? Also depends on what you check and what lighting you got
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    ATP's 120g Recover and So on,

    Getting Back on Track Hi..... haven't been on here for ages so a little update on what's happening. Tank is not looking so good as it was on these pics . I've sold about half of all the corals I have and will continue until I've sold all of them. I was pretty set on my mind to take a leave...
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    ATP's 120g Recover and So on,

    Some more pics! 1st Xenia 3rd somesort of zoas
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    ATP's 120g Recover and So on,

    Thanks lorabell!. I do have some chalice, but they're not in the picture. sorry, forgot to indetify them. 1st is a red/orange monti, 2nd is a spiral monti, 3rd is a blue milie (not ORA. unknown wild type), 2nd steve alias blue stag, 3rd is purple rim monti, 4th is sunset milie
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    ATP's 120g Recover and So on,

    Update! Things were good than went down the hill and now on top again! (too long and lazy to explain since its been months since last update) so just take my word and enjoy the pics (sorry, updating pics)
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    Blotches on Hippo Tang

    honestly, I dont know what that is, but when you purchased it, was it like that or was it in good condition?
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    45 gallon stocking? I really want a triggerfish.

    Are you for sure on getting a larger tank though? The tang might be pusing it since triggers are messy eaters. (the give a lot of waste which turns to nitrates)The trigger is a slow grower like locoyo said, but when it gets larger, I'd worry more on your damsels than an angel.
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    Help Fish killing eachother? Cardinal/goby or red algae?

    Your Tank Info: Tank 2 Type: Saltwater Reef Tank Tank 2 Size: 24 G Nanocube Tank 2 Start Date: June 17, 2009 Tank 2 Livestock: Pajama Cardinal, Yellow Watchman Goby, 4 hermit crabs-red & blue legged, Cerith snails, Zoanthids Tank 2 Temp: 79 Tank 2 Lighting: Nanocube light/actinic lights...
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    Blotches on Hippo Tang

    yes. a picture would help.
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    i has question

    It might require in the future. Like to clean the pump. I have a little Idea for you though. Make like an eggcrate wall box thing big enough for your skimmer to fit inside with room for it to be removed and cover the eggcrate with rocks like a rockwall. (pic-the lines with the gaps is...
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    My 60 gal. bow-front

    Sorry for your seahoreses :'( ________________ hehehe lighting wattage . 800w (dual 400w on 120 ) and 500w (dual 250 on 125) + 4x110w VHO. So total of about 1740w a day. I fell your pain....only more lol. btw, I dont even want to look at the electricity bills LOL.
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    Reef Compatible with caution???

    not quite so. There are some types that are commonly labeled as "caution", but they almost never nip. "at own risk" should apply to all fish IMO. I've seen yellow tangs, nasos that nip corals so it all depends on the fish. Good choices are the schooling bannerfish and pyramid butterflies...
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    75 Gallon Tank Will these lights work?

    Over what size of tank?
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    Protein Skimmer

    A protein skimmer removes organic compounds (nutrients). Water change also does that, but its also meant to balance out parameters, remove pollution and other things. A skimmer is to help maintain low nutrient level by removeing the organic compuond before it becomes the nutrients. So it...

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