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  1. Edward Scissorhands

    Hi guys, I watched it again for 4 times last night, and again I cried, how sweet Edward is. I can't tell. I don't know why but every time I watch the movie ,it makes me cry. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, I can feel how difficult it is to get used to the fact that someone you love...
  2. best hiding places for guppy fries

    Hi guys since I've been keeping guppies I figured it out what is the best hiding place for the fries, once I added some rocks like a small pile, but it seemed that the fries didn't like it so I changed it and added more aquarium plants but you know there are lots of kind of them so I tried...
  3. some other photos

    since I haven't gone out since yesterday, I couldn't take some brand new photos from my town so I attached some from my house and the view of my room's window. I'll send some from the town maybe tonight! by the way it's a painting that I'm working on it. have fun Bahar
  4. birthday photos

    Hi guys I had promised to share some of my birthday photos and hope you like them! in 2 of them I was going to sing a song for the others;D Bahar
  5. Question two drugs together?

    Hi guys how can we use the drugs in water? I mean what's the dose? how many drops in 1 litre? for example anti fungi or fin rot? and can we use all of them together? two treatments together? by the way I have some guppy fries in the tank too. Bahar
  6. I lost all of the males

    Hi everyone I've learnt that what could happen if you overfed but it cost me losing all my males, of course you know how it feel when you catch the dead fishes from water not 1 not 2 more than that. I redecorated the tank and change the water and lots of other things but ... okay I just wanted...
  7. could you recognize the disease?

    these are the photos I could take from the poor male guppies. could you tell me what disease they have? the tip of the tail and around the fish is somehow white velvety. or maybe I'm wrong. I don't know but I am doing the water change and less times feeding. :'( Bahar
  8. Question I changed the background

    I changed the background to the picture which I painted but I think it gets all the attention more to itself rather than to fishes, should I changed it to plain dark background without any paintings?
  9. I hate this

    Hi guys I could remember when one of my favorite fish ( the small silver shark) got ich and I did everything I could, but I couldn't save him. I liked him so much esp when it made click sounds and manoeuvred through the bubbles. no one could help me (people whom I know in my neighborhood)...
  10. Help 4 dead fishes

    Hi guy do you remember that because of the pregnant guppies,I separated the male guppies and put them in another tank, they were doing okay but the other day 2 of them and today another 2 males were dead, I don't know what is going on. but it seems that their caudal fins are eaten. is it a kind...
  11. the most popular american products in Iran

    lets say most of us have satellite to watch other countries TV program, first and the most is US, ...and then the others, and it's because it's really interesting and fun, not repetitive, and we can feel the connection. the language is English and we can understand the most of it, if I want to...
  12. it could be it

    Hi guys it's raining in here and it's 1:30 in the morning. I just wanted to say I figured out that the other female guppy might be pregnant too. but they are different in size, one of them is really bigger than the other one. well I don't know. I should see what will happen. I might be going...
  13. Question a good diet,not industrial food

    Hi all I was thinking what is good to give my guppies and the others besides industrial food? natural things for example fruits or veggie or I don't know cooked egg, ... I wanna give them a variety of foods. but I don't know what they are. could you help please? Bahar
  14. new discovery!

    hi guys. you know what I realized today? I was reading an article on internet and it was written that keeping a goldfish with turtles may kill them. because they produce so much coper sulphate and it makes the environment toxic for the others. now I understood why my little catfish, the mother...
  15. today shopping

    hi guys today noon I went shopping and I couldn't resist buying the 2 females guppy. I know I already have 13 guppy fries and 2 male gupies, but the two females were so beautiful, so I bought them.when I got home I realized one of them is pregnant. the 2 males would chasing her a lot,so to keep...
  16. Question should I separate this pregnant guppy?

    Hi all I just bought a pregnant guppy,but there's a problem my 2 male guppies keep chasing her and don't leave her alone in peace for even some seconds. I have a small tank that I just set it up, should I separate this poor guppy? and put it in the small tank? or separate the 2 male guppies...
  17. Funny I touched them

    I won't kill them, I promise! hi guys... you know what I did today? you remember that I added some guppy fires in the main tank, 2 days ago. I was wondering that,it seems they got bigger since that day! I missed them very much,so I put my hand in water like a open fist, like a bowl, they came...
  18. just added some new photos

    hi guys I just added some more pics in my album as I promised, here's my chick! did you like them?
  19. a chick

    my father gave me a chick tonight, it's so cute and just 2 day old... so tiny. I think, it's she,so she's sleeping now. I couldn't take photo yet, but as soon as I did, I'd share it with you guys. Bahar
  20. Funny funny pic

    I don't know what it was, but my hamsters were starring at something without any movement, so I could use that moment and took the photo.they usually move around and chew whatever they find. cute animals! isn't it funny?;D

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