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  1. Is This Fin Rot?

    Ok. I'd read some things saying it melafix wasn't safe for bettas. It is?
  2. Is This Fin Rot?

    Sorry, I know there are probably a thousand of these posts. My bettas fin is all tattered on the edges. There was never any red. They got kind of white on the edges and then tattered. He seems fine otherwise. Parameters are Ammonia 0, Nitrate 5, Nitrite 0, pH 7.6. 10 gallon tank @ about 78°...
  3. Cypress Driftwood

    What is unsafe about cypress? Genuinely curious, not challenging your knowledge.
  4. Cypress Driftwood

    I'm starting a 40 gallon and was looking for hardscape stuff and came across a cypress knee that I can get free of charge. What would I need to do to it before using it? Or is cypress even an appropriate choice?
  5. Which Type Of Ludwigia Are These?

    I thought the 1st one didn't look like ludwigia. Thanks!
  6. Which Type Of Ludwigia Are These?

    They just don't look like the types they were sold to me as. Anyone know which ones they are? I wanted to try to propagate the first one but want to be sure I can before I try. If that makes sense.
  7. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    Maybe the internal issue is causing her to be unable to release her eggs? Just a thought. I feel like there is a reason I so rarely see GloFish Danios in stores. I'm trying on the good home part.
  8. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    She has always had the curved spine. I'll try pea then epsom salt baths I guess.
  9. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    I still haven't seen any pineconing. She is really active. I put her and two males together but she isn't getting any smaller.
  10. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    Ok. There are 6 with at least two males so hopefully that won't become an issue. Thanks!
  11. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    I didn't see any. I'm going to keep an eye on that though.
  12. Dropsy Or Eggs?

    My glofish danio looks fatter than usual. I took her out and put her in a temporary quarantine and she just doesn't seem sick, just fatter. She didn't eat the food I put in but I had just fed the tank when I noticed her being bloated. She hasn't been hiding or being lazy. She's always had a...
  13. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    It's not the plants. I've had them for 6 months with no sign of these snails before. The only thing I finally realized it could be is if I put some of the water from the betta cup in the tank. I really can't remember if I did. But the fish is the only thing that has gone in that tank that has...
  14. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    Will bettas eat them? They're small enough.
  15. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    I just can't figure out where they came from. It's crazy.
  16. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    It does look like that! Cool. I've never had ramshorn snails. Not sure where it came from but I guess I'll wait to see if it becomes a problem. It didn't move while I was looking. The only new things in my tank are decorations that weren't in water at the store and some seachem pristine that I...
  17. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    It doesn't
  18. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    The plant grew off of another in my bigger tank.
  19. Any Idea What These Are? Bug? Snail?

    The pics aren't great. Basically I noticed one of my plants was being nibbled at but the tank only has a betta and some mystery snails in it so there shouldn't be any plant eaters. While I was looking at the plant I noticed these two things. Completely different but haven't seen either before. I...
  20. Need Advice On Bronze/green Cory Home

    I have a 20 gallon with some peppered and bronze corys. The peppered have had a bunch of babies and are pushing my tank to overstocked. I was thinking of moving my bronze (there are only 2) over to my 10 gallon betta tank but I've seen kind of mixed information on whether they would live happily together...

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