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    What Type Of Shrimp Are These?

    Haha, I’m the worst at getting pics really hard to say if there is an issue with the spots without seeing them more clearly... There are some shrimp disease that can cause spotting, also parameter issues... So... would go back to general care... what’s your kH and gH?
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    Please Help Us This Shrimp????

    I’d like to help, but can’t make out much in the picture. As for the fish dying it’s because the tank isn’t cycled. I recommend reading up on fishless cycling, or fish in cycling, whichever you choose. Fishless is my preferance.
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    Ph And Baking Soda Help

    Agreed that messing with ph can be creating more problems then not... But first... What is the ph with NO baking soda? What substrate are you using? What is your kH?
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    What Type Of Shrimp Are These?

    Not a cherry, likely ghost. Can’t make out the spots so can’t comment on these. If not a ghost then a whisker
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    Purigen With Planted Tanks Good Or Bad ?

    Carbon/charcoal... it’s up to you, argument has been that while it removes nasties (meds, smells, etc) it can also pull out ferts. Not sure the argument has ever been solved, but more planted tanks run without carbon, less and less are using carbon these ays
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    Help Id Plant I Just Purchased.

    Water sprite
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    Guppy Troubles

    Honestly have never seen anything like it, and I’ve kept guppies forever... for sure I would remove it from the main tank, if you don’t have a qt you may want to consider euthanasia...
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    Purigen With Planted Tanks Good Or Bad ?

    Purigen is fine, it’s chemipure and charcoal you want to avoid
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    A Few Of My Tanks

    They are both very nicely laid out, plastic or not. First one I had to look a bit more closely, at first glance reminded me of a leaf litter tank I am working on... really beautiful. Welcome to fishlore!
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    Can You Identify This Plant?

    Plain old cabomba, gets purple tinges when happy enjoy it, it’s one of my favs
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    Leaves In Aquarium

    I use many types of leaves in my tanks, but haven’t tried aspen or cottonwood, sorry... oak and beech I collect, many others I order through shrimp specific sites (han aquatics carries a large variety of shrimp specific leaves) or from tannin aquatics. Tannin aquatics has got some great ‘pods’...
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    How Do I Store Baby Brine Shrimp?

    So, they might be able to ‘last’ a few days, but the nutrition won’t be the same as they will have consumed their yolk sac. Best to make less and use within 36-48hrs max
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    Funny Look At My Beautiful Crypt!

    @ghostlybosun seems to be species dependent... my C. affinis shoots them off like crazy, nurii ‘luminous green’ occasionally, wendtii needs thinning vs spreading runners (except the ‘tropica’ variety, though I usupect it might not be a wendtii)... if the plant is ever uprooted it’s crazy how...
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    Help New Algae In Tank

    @ghostlybosun good for you for ranting, and even better for you for apologizing much respect @Giul dont confuse excel for co2... it is a carbon substitute, NOT a carbon DIOXIDE substitute. Current thinking is it’s more of an algaecide rather then bioavailable carbon. @Vishaquatics (Koiman) i...
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    Help New Algae In Tank

    Got to agree with @ghostlybosun... my question was going to be how often are you cleaning your filter? While having algae issues, esp bba, helpful to clean out the sponges/bio with each wc. Also increasing the frequency of wc can help as well (ie 2 50% changes a week vs just one) Fluctuating...
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    Help All My Fish Dead Practically Over Night.... Again

    @dcocinci here is the Tds I like the most There is also a blue one that is about half the price, not quite as accurate but does the job for a quick tap test. Honestly, for checking tap pre wc you aren’t necessarily going to focus on the number itself, or how accurate it is, but if the number...
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    Help All My Fish Dead Practically Over Night.... Again

    Haven’t read through all the replies, so this may have been mentioned... ph drop, possible caused by a low/unstable kH.... lack of consisten wc will continue to lower, usually rectified by small frequent wc, but large water changes can cause drastic swings/osmotic shock.... (google old tank...
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    What Are Some Super Low Tech Plants?

    Haha @Addie42 i have over 40 some high tech, some low, and now getting into more Blackwater type setups... enjoying experimenting on the new setups I will get some pics later if I remember Likely you might want to move it away from the window and get something more then a top fin light, or...
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    What Are Some Super Low Tech Plants?

    I’ve been experimenting with a few plants in dimly lit Blackwater tanks... so far Anubias, crypts, and moss completely fine. Floaters as well (goes without saying). Have had good growth from Vesuvius sword surprisingly, but only been in ther a few months so can’t say for sure. Pearlweed is doing...
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    Keeping Java Fern

    Honestly if all else is doing well I wouldn’t pay attention to it... some plans don’t grow well for people, and at times switching things up may create more issues then it fixes. That being said, easy green, While better then flourish, is still low on macros... could always try switching to...

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