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  1. 20 Gallon Stocking

    I have a 20 gallon tank with 12-13 adolescent guppies it is heavily planted, and am curious what else I may be able to get in there? I definitely wanted mystery snails, or at least one. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Do guppy tanks need a lid?

    I am looking to buy a NICREW light bar for my tank and want to know if my guppies will be ok without a lid?
  3. Guppy and Oxygenation

    Yo your input is appreciated and I realized earlier one prior guppies that died they pooped clear and that meant illness so I’ve learned to treat that as well and not blame oxygenation etc I suppose I bought them that way but things like oxygenation that I can help I try my best with
  4. Guppy and Oxygenation

    N no illness only a few hanging at the top but I put a circulation pump in with bubbles today and it appears to have done the trick no one at the top and all are moving active and even swim in the current
  5. Guppy and Oxygenation

    I notice that they do it more in the evening but I had another one die this morning, it is only the adults from the pet store and not my fry or the ones I have from a breeder. I do notice that a few fry will chill out at the top of the tank on occasion
  6. Guppy and Oxygenation

    No glues nothing I still got a circulation pump on sale anyway to try it why not at least I’ll get my answer I do water changes twice a week I do water tests too there is always what seems to be a minute amount of ammonia like below .25 but it’s hardly recognizable in the test kit
  7. Guppy and Oxygenation

    Java Fern, Wisteria, Hornwort, Amazon Sword, and a moss ball. I have Over 20 fry and 4 adolescents and two adults, yes i am aware there is overstocking i also do have a small airator that bubbles but its not much
  8. Guppy and Oxygenation

    One is rated for a ten and the other a twenty. The intakes are always cleaned and they run incredibly smooth they just don't disrupt enough water. They are both made by aqeuon
  9. Guppy and Oxygenation

    My tank is a 20 regular with 0 ammonia and nitrites with about 6 ppm nitrates. I have two HOB filters but there is not as much surface agitation as i would hope.
  10. Guppy and Oxygenation

    If I have Guppies and fry at the top breathing fast could this be a lack of oxygenation, and will a powerhead/ circulation pump help/ fix this issue?
  11. 20 Gallon Tank Why is my amazon sword doing this

    I bought root tabs and CO2 seachem today as well as dosing flourish
  12. 20 Gallon Tank My Twenty Gallon Guppy tank

    Thank you, I sadly have not found a piece that is small enough and to my liking. That is definitely my next move though.
  13. 20 Gallon Tank Why is my amazon sword doing this

    I use no root tabs but i suppose i should start doing so
  14. 20 Gallon Tank Why is my amazon sword doing this

    I bought all three from the same place but the small one that is not doing well i have had for longer. It makes no sense to me. The others are doing well. If i get rid of the small one its just another reason for me to go buy more plants :)
  15. 20 Gallon Tank Why is my amazon sword doing this

    Can anyone tell me why my amazon sword in the foreground is doing mediocre and why the ones in the back are doing so well? Parameters are normal and I dose flourish by seachem. None of the swords have root tabs. I would say that’s the issue but the others are flourishing. (No pun intended)
  16. 20 Gallon Tank My Twenty Gallon Guppy tank

    Always a work in progress, feedback appreciated!
  17. Is This Too Many Plants

    Add more and thank you for the inspiration
  18. 20 Gallon Filters

    I just read all of that and it is so cool. I will definitely do that to the new filter and let the bacteria build up, once that is ok I'll do it to the other filter. Thank you so much for that what an awesome idea!
  19. 20 Gallon Filters

    thank you so much. as for now they are not even close to the filter intake and are hiding in their hornwort if it becomes an issue i will do that thank you for the input
  20. 20 Gallon Filters

    its currently adult guppy and fry i plan to add mystery snail and maybe cardinal tetras or an apistogramma nothing looks like it is struggling to swim so i take that as them being ok

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