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  1. NEED HELP: I need to move from 26 to 40 gallons

    thanks again.. ill share some photo once i start cycling........ i should start in a week or two
  2. NEED HELP: I need to move from 26 to 40 gallons

    another question would be since i don't have double of each equipment.. can i cycle my 40 gallon tank with just a sand and some live rock and power head?.... i don't have any extra light and protein skimmer
  3. NEED HELP: I need to move from 26 to 40 gallons

    thanks ATP i just thought of that to be in the safe side.. but a faster way and safe way would be the best choice thanks again
  4. NEED HELP: I need to move from 26 to 40 gallons

    I need some tips and advice on how to move my salt water tank from 26 gallon to 40 gallons... i have an idea i listed below but is there a faster, easy and safe way to do it? current set us is 25 gallons tank 15 gallons sump 30 lbs of live rock 20 lbs of live sand...
  5. Lighting idea... Using HID

    I'm actually thinking of putting it in a housing.. and ill let it hang from a wall/celling.. just like those hanging MH light fixture
  6. Lighting idea... Using HID

    acutally i mean 3,000k 60 12,000k... i just check ebay now some people sell up to 30,000k
  7. Lighting idea... Using HID

    the bulb run from 3000k to 1200k... would that be enough?.
  8. Lighting idea... Using HID

    does anyone tried using HID light for their aquarium..... I'm thinking of using a car HID light system for my reef tank.. advantage i can think of using this setup would be, its cheaper around 50 dollars for two bulb (35 watts each), small ballast (compact) can be retro fitted on any...
  9. coral (circulating pump question)

    cool thanks man.....
  10. coral (circulating pump question)

    do you recommend me to turn off my circulating pump at night?.. i still get a flow of water from my sump return line ....??
  11. coral (circulating pump question)

    quick question..... I have a 26 gallons saltwater tank with 12 gallons sump filtration system. I have a mixture of soft and hard coral in my display tank.. For those who have the same corals. do you guys leave your circulating pump (not the return pump from the sump) on all the time or do...
  12. used skimmer does it need to be broken in?

    deng no reply... ill just update my protein skimmer the maker is Coralife Super Skimmer
  13. used skimmer does it need to be broken in?

    I bought a used protein skimmer and I cleaned it up and it’s been running for a day so far (24 hrs). I know protein skimmer needs to be broken in, but since it’s used do I have to wait again? the protein skimmer seem to be working great I see bubble all the way on the top barely touching the...
  14. stocking cichlids

    cool thanks nutter your a lot of help now I understand why I can’t really overstock or mix them... now I know how people mix their cichlids it has to be a certain kind of cichlids like rift lake cichlids. Do you have any recommendations for my situation? My situation is I can't keep a...
  15. stocking cichlids

    the reason why i though having many fishes will at least lessen the death from happening.. it might have more chance of breeding but having more fish to chase away will lessen death just nip fins. and having other fish will be population control. i think i rather have baby fish get eaten then...
  16. stocking cichlids

    yeah I'm afraid of not breeding part.... i didn't want them to breed, but for some reason out of 4 fished they all paired up to each other. some luck i got. now I'm over populated. let say.. most of the fries survived to adult hood.. they are almost half an inch long now and i have around 100...
  17. stocking cichlids

    i have 55 gallons tank with sump/filter/refugium about 20 gallon... i just want to add some color on my tank the reason i have many jewel is because they had babies.. over 100 survived (two pairs spawned) out of 500 babies. they are about 1/4 inch long and i don't know what to do with them lol
  18. stocking cichlids

    i have many jewel cichlids right now and I'm trying to trade some of them with other cichlid. could i mix my jewel cichlids with electric yellow, electric blue or rusty to add some color in my tank?
  19. live rock, protein skimmer and water test question

    thanks locoy ... now i have an idea how often and what main things to look for.. you pretty answered all my question thanks once again
  20. live rock, protein skimmer and water test question

    thanks for your reply

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