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  1. plant id

    All i know is that it grows like a weed!!
  2. plant id

    If you magnify the picture it gets pretty clear.
  3. plant id

    Here is a slightly better picture.
  4. plant id

    Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?Sorry about the blurry photo.
  5. anubias clone

    Thanks Dino.Amazing # of tanks you have!!
  6. anubias clone

    Happy new year everyone!!! I have two anubias plants in my tank which have recently flowered.What is the best method of cutting a piece off of one of the plants and starting new growth elsewhere in the tank?
  7. cleaning reflector

    If the reflector has water spots warm water and vinegar could work.
  8. cleaning reflector

    Im assuming that you are talking about the metal strip over your bulbs.If the reflector is not exposed to water there should be no need to clean it.
  9. cleaning reflector

    What type of light fixture do you have?
  10. Which Kelvin temperature is best for plants?

    I have a 5000k and a 6500k together on a twenty gallon(24 watts a piece).The 5000k for plant growth and the 6500k for vibrant color.This is how you spell solder.
  11. Dominick_s_Pictures_112


  12. tank_now_2


  13. tank_now1


  14. 610


  15. 510


  16. 49


  17. 314


  18. removing old photos

    Thanks Ken! I am going to add pictures on what the tank looks like today.
  19. removing old photos

    Hey all how do i remove old photos from my photo gallery?

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