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  1. Rye3434

    Help What Is This Little Bug? I Don't Think It's Daphnia

    I've had them before and they looked just like yours. Not sure about the other type.
  2. Rye3434

    1st Emersed Setup!

    Update: Edit:Won’t let me upload an image for some reason.
  3. Rye3434

    1st Emersed Setup!

    @SeattleRoy Thanks for the info! I’ve looked at some threads with your setup in them before, your setup was one of which that inspired me! I didn’t know that about the algae. Does it grow even on just damp dirt? @MD_Plants I’ve read that, but these cuttings are already rooting and growing...
  4. Rye3434

    1st Emersed Setup!

    So I’ve always been interested in having a way to grow plants easily without algae, like everyone else I’m sure:rolleyes:. Recently I finally decided to try a dedicated emersed setup. I took an old 2.5 gallon tank, put in Miracle-Gro organic potting soil, moistened it, and planted one stem of...
  5. Rye3434

    Question Moss Paint With Java Moss (or Other)?

    Jurijs Jutajevs has blended moss and aquasoil and painted wood with it to do a dry start.
  6. Rye3434

    Bubble Rate Reality Check

    Looks right to me, I would only expect lower with a reactor.
  7. Rye3434

    Recommendations For New Set Up?

    Dwarf saggitaria or helanthium tenellum (narrow leaf chain sword) for carpet plant?
  8. Rye3434

    Water Parameters Do Not Make Sense.

    When do the testing chemicals expire?
  9. Rye3434

    Could This Cpd Be Sick?

    I've only seen it with a select few, it appeared suddenly.
  10. Rye3434

    Could This Cpd Be Sick?

    I have cpds and have lost at least 3 of them to this. They got backs that looked bent and then eventually just passed.
  11. Rye3434

    Help Advice For Lighting A 54 Gallon Corner.

    I would get rid of the siesta and run maybe 50%. I don’t know about the par values tho so not sure about intensity.
  12. Rye3434

    Add Co2 Now Or Wait?

    I wouldn’t say so. Shrimp are added to high tech tanks all the time. Do you have a full system? Regulator and such?
  13. Rye3434

    Lily Pipes

    I have the pipe on max flow rate though and it doesn't seem too strong.
  14. Rye3434

    Lily Pipes

    It’s my first canister filter, so I don’t have much to compare to, but I really like it. I don’t use lily pipes, (I spent the money on plants), but the flow seems decently strong on my tank. Not sure what you mean by “smooth”. Pics
  15. Rye3434

    Question Is A 20lb Co2 Tank Too Large ?

    I wouldn't say that you can go too big, you don't have to refill as often.
  16. Rye3434

    Lily Pipes

    I'm using an Oase Filtosmart 200 on a 36 gallon bowfront, I think the 16/22 would fit it.
  17. Rye3434

    Seachem Flourish Plant Dosing Calendar

    I would recommend an all in one fert like nilocg thrive or thrivec instead of going the seachem route. It's simpler and more effective.
  18. Rye3434

    What Type Of Algae Is This?

    Diatoms are brown algae, I think that there's a little on the leaves.
  19. Rye3434

    What Type Of Algae Is This?

    Looks like some diatoms as well in the first pic.

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