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  1. toran

    What's This On My Java Fern?

    Occasionally, a leaf will be covered with these hard, seed like objects. They can be rubbed off easily. I have in the past a few times cut the whole leaf off. Once I let it be and I had several little tufts of BBA on the plant and the seed things were gone. Does BBA reproduce like this? Does...
  2. toran

    Gourami Question

    Would 2 honey gouramis and 1 thick lipped gourami live peacefully in a 29 gallon at 75.8* F with: 10 panda cories 6 amano shrimp 3 nerite snails 2 horned nerite snails Your replies are appreciated, thanks.
  3. toran

    How To Remove Stamped Price Code From Pvc Pipe.

    Hello, I purchased some pvc pipe for caves. A 1/2" elbow for my CPO and a 1" tee for other fish (I do have 3 terracotta pots already and they get used). Anyway, I used a piece of an algae cleaning pad to scrub the stamp off and it didn't budge. 1) how do you get it off? 2) if it doesn't...
  4. toran

    Angelfish In 29 Gallon?

    Hello, Thoughts on this stocking: 29 gallon, 78* F 1 angelfish 1 Bolivian ram 1 BN pleco 2 full grown amano shrimp 2 nerite snails Thanks so much for your help.
  5. toran

    Adding To A 29 Gallon.

    Hello, Ideas, please, to finish off my tank. THANKS SO MUCH. What I have now: 2 nerite snails 4 amano shrimp 11 panda cories (I know I have 1 too many) What I would like: 1) 1 angelfish (if (1) could be happy in a 29G) or 2) 1 PEARL gourami with 8 espei rasboras (rasboras from another...
  6. toran

    Surviving Vs Thriving

    Hello, Sadly I have come to the decision to give my beloved (6) rainbow praecox a better home. It has taken me two months to work this out in my head. I really love these fish. In May I had to change my 40 breeder to a 29 gallon. That was hard enough. At the time I couldn't ALSO get rid of...
  7. toran

    Bolivian Rams With A Betta

    Hello, I'm going to be changing somethings around within the next couple weeks. (Then I'll change my profile) I have a few options. Wondering what you guys think of them. 1) 20 long 1 male betta 2 Bolivian rams 5 peacock gudgeons 2 nerite snails 2 amano shrimp 2) 20...
  8. toran

    Holes In Leaves

    Hello, I bought a Hygrophila corymbosa v. 'Compacta' 4-6 weeks ago. Leaves get holes and keep falling off. It's in a 29 gallon. Light is NICREW deluxe LED full spectrum, 7500K, 18w, 1200lm. Fertilizer is Seachem root tabs every 2-3 months, Aqueon plant food every other week and flourish...
  9. toran

    My New Pea Puffer!

    Please meet Bruno. He's adorable... I think so. He's a tad over 1/2" long. I feed him (or her) frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. I have a one gallon jar with several MTS, pond and ramshorn snails. He gets 2 in AM and 2 in PM. They are crushed a little bit to help him get to them. He's alone...
  10. toran

    3 Panda Fry, I Have A Few Questions, Help Please.

    Hello, Monday I found a dozen panda Cory eggs when cleaning the the tank. I rolled up 7 that looked fertile, put them in a small container with treated water, pimafix, and an air stone and let them float in the Betta tank since the temp was warmer. This AM I had 3 tiny fry. I cleaned the...
  11. toran

    Is My Honey Gourami A Male Or Female?

    The LFS thought this is a female, first picture.The dorsal fin looks a little pointed. What do you guys think? Also, the label said red dwarf honey gourami but two employees thought it is really a thick lip. From the two pictures can anyone tell what they are? The yellow and orange is my sunset...
  12. toran

    Free To A Good Home, Cycled Tank.

    40 gallon breeder, stand, filter, heater, some nano fish and RCS, and a few plants. Must pick up. I live in Mobile, AL. If truly interested I'll give more info.
  13. toran

    20 Gallon Long Tank - Will This Be Overstocked?

    Hello, I want to add to my 20 long. If I do will I be overstocked? Presently I have: 12 ember tetra 8 espei rasbora 8 pygmy cories 2 peacock gudgeons 2 nerite snails 2 horned nerite snails I want to add: 4 peacock gudgeons 1 honey gourami 4 amano shrimp What do you think?
  14. toran

    Center Piece Fish For 20 Gallon Long

    Hello, Presently, in my 20 long I have: 12 ember tetra 8 espei rasbora 8 pygmy cories 2 amano shrimp 4 nerites I would love to get an angel fish but wonder if the tank is too small. Are there any dwarf angel fish? Can you please suggest a fish that would be happy by themselves, species...
  15. toran

    Sponge Question For Aquaclear Filters.

    Hi, A quick question. Does the sponge need to be 1.5" deep for aquaclear 50 and 1.75" deep for aquaclear 70? Could I cut them in half and in the future purchase a less deep sponge? Reason is I want to put more purigen and/or bio beads in the filter.
  16. toran

    Betta Died

    Hello, this AM I found my male butterfly betta, Sidney, dead. Sunday he spent the whole day in his log and would not eat or acknowledge me when I put my face to the glass. Yesterday, he only ate 2 bites of daphnia but left his log several times. He wasn't bloated, no markings on his body. I...
  17. toran

    Did I Loose My Bb?

    Last night a filter stopped working and I'm wondering if I lost my BB? It could have been off for 12-14 hours. Answers are sincerely appreciated.
  18. toran

    Red Racer Nerite Lost Trap Door.

    Hello to all, About 2 weeks ago I noticed my red racer nerite at the back of the tank on his back. I turned him over where he was. Days go by and I figured he was in a hibernation mood because he didn't move. During this last PWC I picked him up and smelled him. It was a little bad but didn't...
  19. toran

    More Color To Betta Fins

    Hello, I bought Sidney 12/23/17 from Petco (a birthday present for myself!). This past month his fins have been coloring up little by little. He's a twin tail butterfly. Here is the feeding schedule: Feed twice daily New Life Spectrum .5mm pellets Frozen Cyclops Omega one color flakes Frozen...
  20. toran

    Film On Top Of Water In Betta Tank

    Hi, If I remember correctly, I read on fishlore that the film on top of the water is protein from food. That it can be removed with a paper towel. My question is...I have 2 bettas, each in a 5.5 gallon tank. I feed them the exact same thing yet Sidney's tank only has the film. Any ideas? I have...

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