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  1. FishGirl38

    Help Geophagus (earth Eating Cichlid) And Plants?

    Is this a bad idea? I've got a 135 that I want to layer flourite red gravel at 1in on the bottom and ~2in of sand on the top layer with semi-'peacefull' south american cichlids like rams, geophagus, severum, and acara. (possibly also adding rainbow fish or giant danio as dithers if feasible)...
  2. FishGirl38

    High Ammonia, Low Ph, Bacteria Bloom

    Hmmm, There seems to be a lot going on here. I'll try to take a whack at helping if I can. First off, I don't recommend using AMMO-Lock when a tank needs cycling, or re-cycling. It def. locks up ammonia and makes it 'safe' for fish. But it also binds with ammonia in a way that bacteria cannot...
  3. FishGirl38

    Question For The Gamers On Here

    I don't have an xbox, or play console games...But I would like to think, that like my laptop, the xbox has a deleted files save bank...Is there any way you can bring up and access the files saved in your hard drive? I've googled it and read something where if the file wasn't overwritten, then it...
  4. FishGirl38

    Question Oscar And Severum Breeding Behavior Or Aggression??

    Hey Guys, I've had an odd development in my 75G, my severum had laid eggs - so she must be a she. (no worming so that's what I had figured). The eggs have since been eaten, but I noticed some odd behavior from my oscar when this occured. My oscar has had a history here recently of chasing my...
  5. FishGirl38

    Critter Nation Cage

    Oooo, that's an awesome cage height. Definitely suitable for most birds, chinchillas, ferrets, multiple sugar gliders... I personally wouldn't choose a terrestrial animal with the type of height space you have. But that's my 2 cents.
  6. FishGirl38

    Critter Nation Cage

    Well, it really depends on the dimensions of the cage. I googled critter nation deluxe cage and found multiple results in multiple sizes. If its a large cage, you have a bunch of options. The smaller the more limited. I'll elaborate to maybe answer your question once you know the dimensions of...
  7. FishGirl38

    How Many Times Should I Boil Drift Wood

    Is soaking the wood any different? Is it the heat that does the damage? or the release of tannins itself that does the damage? I've had some pieces in my tank for 2 years now and I'll admit pieces have broken off here and there but nothing has rotted, at least not on my mopani wood. I did add...
  8. FishGirl38

    How Many Times Should I Boil Drift Wood

    Hello and welcome to fishlore. It all depends on the type of drift-wood you choose and how much of the tannins you want to remove from it. Bigger pieces will take longer to totally purge while smaller pieces will take less time. Where I work, we recommend customers soak or boil their driftwood...
  9. FishGirl38

    Help Sick Comet Goldfish, Fin And Body Rot? Help Diagnosing The Cause.

    Hey Guys, I still have this sick comet goldfish, he's been sick for probably 4-6 months at least and I can't for the life of me figure out why. He lost a few scales on his stomach, which looked like it got further infected. That area has been going through cycles where it looks like it's...
  10. FishGirl38

    Storing Tanks In Shed?

    I live in Ohio, We have similar weather, and I'd say I don't believe so on the acrylic (but I don't know for a fact, never tried it). As for glass, I have had a 75G stored for...maybe about 7 years in a spare room in my garage. We did have to re-seal it when we brought it back in, the tank did...
  11. FishGirl38

    Sick Oscar Help

    Funny, I have a 10In oscar, 5in Severum, 2 4in parrons fish, a firemouth, and a bichir in a 75G with a Fluval 406. Real similar set-up. Though I'm at that point where I needa upgrade my tank, my oscar chases my severum relentlessly. White and Stringy poop is usually a sign of an internal...
  12. FishGirl38

    Krisbensis Cichlid

    Well, good can mean set up and running or completely established through the nitrite cycle and there is a difference between the two. I've had kribs in the past in a 10G specifically to breed, my kribs canniballized their first brood, but were great parents to the rest of them afterward...
  13. FishGirl38

    Krisbensis Cichlid

    Hello and welcome to Fishlore! If they were healthy before the move and the only thing apparently 'wrong' with the male is his change in color, than I would think the move is what has caused it. When fish are breeding, their first objective is to find and defend a territory, second is to find a...
  14. FishGirl38

    Popeye? Ich? Other?

    I could see where it might be a cyst too though. I would look into that as well.
  15. FishGirl38

    Popeye? Ich? Other?

    With pop-eye, the eye will be protruding from the fish. It'll either look like it's enlarged and swollen, OR it'll look like it's being pushed out of it's socket from behind the eye (which is basically what is actually happening). Ich is a parasite that multiplies rapidly and by the hundreds...
  16. FishGirl38

    Is This Fin Rot?

    Hmmm, Well, to me it does look like some type of fin rot. But if you've had them for awhile, and it's not getting worse, I'm not sure I'd worry a bunch about it. If you decide to medicate again, I would quarantine them so that you can control the dosage better and you'll know they're getting...
  17. FishGirl38

    Weird Balls In Tank? Identification Help?

    Agree with above, Its old fish food or other organic matter that has started decaying and is growing fungi. Do a hydro-vac asap to remove them. Test your parameters,optional before, recommended a few hours after water change, (ammonia/nitrate for sure) just to be sure the over-feeding/decaying...
  18. FishGirl38

    40 Gallon Tank Could Someone Please Sex My Pleco?

    Its fairly hard to determine sex of a common pleco, and even harder with just a picture. Generally, Males tend to be more slender and females tend to be more robust and rounder in the abdomen when viewed from directly above or the side.
  19. FishGirl38

    Help Help With Algae In Betta Tank

    My go to aquarium plants are anubias, java fern, and aponogeton. (apons. are big for 10g though) Nitrate is the more important one to keep in check, and if you know you don't overfeed, then phosphate probably isn't the issue either. If you absolutely still want an algae eater, choose nerite...
  20. FishGirl38

    Help New To Clown Loaches

    Well, I recommend the API freshwater master test kit. On amazon it costs somewhere around 25$, in store it's around 35-40$. It includes everything you need for testing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and low and high range PH. These kits usually have a shelf-life of around 4-5 years and give you...

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