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  1. Alexolotl

    Rosy Boa 75 Gallon Tank

    Yeah, you could probably get away with that, but a tub is gonna be way cheaper to grow the snake in. I wouldn’t know much about rosy boa growth rates, but I doubt it’ll grow a whole lot in 3-4 months. You could reasonably expect the snake to be in that tub for a year, perhaps more. I’d do more...
  2. Alexolotl

    Question Ball Python Setup Requirements

    Ball pythons are beautiful snakes, I get why you like them. However they are the more challenging of the “beginner” snakes, so there are things you should know first. To start, humidity is CRUCIAL. You need 60 percent minimum at ALL times, higher in shed. This will require a substrate that is...
  3. Alexolotl

    Rosy Boa 75 Gallon Tank

    OKAY SOME CLARIFICATIONS NEED TO BE MADE HERE Excuse long post and probably poor formatting, I’m kinda tired atm First off, no, snakes do not dislike big spaces. What they DO dislike is big OPEN spaces. The idea you should go for a smaller enclosure is something made by unscrupulous breeders...
  4. Alexolotl

    5 Gallon Gecko

    Yeah, I wouldn’t really try to keep pretty much anything in a 5 gallon tank. Perhaps like a neonatal corn snake or something in a similarly sized bin for the early part of its life but that won’t last it very long at all. Plus, the idea snakes/reptiles in general don’t like big enclosures is...
  5. Alexolotl

    Pet Silkmoths?

    So the other day during a brief stay in New Orleans, I visited the Audubon Insectarium. There I encountered some domesticated silkmoths, which are way smaller than I expected. I’ve hatched moth cocoons for release before, but seeing those tiny moths got me thinking. Would it perhaps be possible...
  6. Alexolotl

    Odd Red Tips On Ball Python Scales

    Yes, this is definitely a thing you CAN do, but not exactly something you SHOULD do. Humid hides are supposed to be an aid during sheds, and not a place the snake has to go for humidity. Ball pythons need a minimum 60 percent humidity in the entire enclosure at all times, higher in shed, or...
  7. Alexolotl

    Need A Little Ball Python Advice

    I’ve done a fair bit of research on balls and snakes in general myself, here’s what I’ve learned. Except for burrowers like sand boas and hog noses, you don’t actually need under-tank heating. If you have sufficient overhead heat, your snake can get all the belly heat it needs, and it warms the...
  8. Alexolotl

    I Just Had A Crazy Idea. Sausages For Snakes

    Did some digging, looks like Reptilinks don’t have nearly as much nutrients compared to rodents, so a big fat nope for snakes. However it does look like the omnivore mixes are a decent addition for lizards like blueys, so I might give them a go once I eventually get mine.
  9. Alexolotl

    I Just Had A Crazy Idea. Sausages For Snakes

    Yeah, I appreciate you pointing that out. Even if I puréed the whole rodent, bones and all it’d be hard to ensure each sausage has a balance of all the different parts so the snake gets what it needs. Definitely something to look into further. As a footnote, I’m not really grossed out by the...
  10. Alexolotl

    I Just Had A Crazy Idea. Sausages For Snakes

    So the other day, I was doing some researching on snakes for when I do eventually get mine, and I came across a few posts by people asking for snakes that didn’t need to eat rodents, which is an understandable disdain to have (I’m not that excited about having them in my freezer, tbh) That...
  11. Alexolotl

    55gal For Ball Python?

    The idea that snakes are unhappy in enclosures too large is completely false; they just aren’t happy in open enclosures. If you have at least two hides on each side of the enclosure (more is better) and plenty of clutter, you could get as big an enclosure as you want. A 55 should suit an adult...
  12. Alexolotl

    Torn Between 3 Snake Species

    Ok, I’m back from the expo with new opinions. I held a red tailed boa (a fairly big one) and while I could probably ease into managing such a big snake, we got to see the enclosure they’d need in person and concluded it was way too big. No luck finding any rosy boas either, so they’re still in...
  13. Alexolotl

    Torn Between 3 Snake Species

    Ok, update: I did more research and discovered a subspecies of red tailed boa (boa constrictor amaralii) which gets to be 4-6 feet long, which is about as big a snake as I can handle. And they’re gorgeous too. I decided to skip the bamboo ratsnake, as they require a cool and stably cool...
  14. Alexolotl

    Question Favorite Tv Show

    Yup! Alton’s hosting it and everything. There’s been a few teasers on his Instagram, go check them out! Also, the past few months he’s been doing a thing called Good Eats: Reloaded where he goes back to old episodes and fixes some of the recipes that didn’t really work all that well, with a few...
  15. Alexolotl

    Question Favorite Tv Show

    Currently my favorite has to be The Durrells, but I’m also a big fan of the following: The Good Place Blue Planet/basically anything narrated by David Attenborough Good Eats (really excited for the sequel) And there’s a few others I forget, but that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.
  16. Alexolotl

    I Want To Draw Your Fish!

    Would you mind drawing my betta Milkshake? I sadly lost him to an unknown cause recently and I’d like to have something to remember him by.
  17. Alexolotl

    Torn Between 3 Snake Species

    Ok, so I’m getting a snake. I’ve done my research and got it down to 3 species that I can care for well and actually want. I’d like some extra opinions, particularly on how each responds to being handled, to help me make the best decision, but I’m going to a Repticon in May where I plan to...
  18. Alexolotl

    Self-cloning Crayfish...this Is Just Crazy.

    IIRC, this is a thing called parthenogenesis, and it isn’t exclusive to invertebrates; Komodo dragons have been known to do this. Eggs produced this way are always male, which scientists think is utilized by females to obtain mates when none exist. Other reptiles do this too but I don’t remember...
  19. Alexolotl

    Your Dream Pets

    Dog: Tamaskan Dog Snake: Rosy Boa (planning for one currently) Reptile: Blue-tongued skink Amphibian: A mole salamander, likely a tiger salamander or an axolotl. Fish: Too many different ones. Community tanks, mostly. I would like a tank centered around a cockatoo cichlid pair though. Bird: Emu...
  20. Alexolotl

    My Tank Away From Home, Aka The Smallest Saltwater Pico Ever

    Today was my first day in Tulum, and we decided to hit the beach. There was an insane lot of sargassum due to storms, and while crossing a pile to get to the water I found a bamboo stick. I picked it up and noticed what I thought were clams on it, but they turned out to be barnacles. I rinsed an...

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