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  1. Tony_P

    How Do I Actually -- How I Do - -My water changes

    Thanks Sorg67. I've been at it for over a year and still learning. As was said -- and as the car commercials say -- your actual mileage may vary. Tony
  2. Tony_P

    How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

    I feed twice a day .. a pinch of flakes for the top/ middle feeders and a pinch of bug bites for the bottom feeders. I try to be cautious not to over feed on this schedule. That's the biggest danger I see. Every week or so I like to put some veggies (cucumber/ zucchini/ spinach) in for them to...
  3. Tony_P

    Cory's and mollies

    First, I do a pinch of flakes for the mollies and guppies. While they're distracted (ooo-FOOD!) doing a feeding frenzy on the floating flakes, I do bug bites for the cories. The bug bites sink and then the cories get their meal. Tony
  4. Tony_P

    How Do I Actually -- How I Do - -My water changes

    Now that is something I hadn't thought of doing when I do major cleanings! Tony
  5. Tony_P

    How Do I Actually -- How I Do - -My water changes

    This is great .. I was hoping for opinions on what I do and I appreciate all of them. Just looking for a better way. I dunno -- I thought you were supposed to. Admittedly I was never sure about this, so I see this as one change to make -- although I do like to let the water warm up a bit. Tony
  6. Tony_P

    How Do I Actually -- How I Do - -My water changes

    I thought I might post a thingie on how I do my water changes. I have two 25 gallon tanks and do a 30% water change every week, one tank on Saturday and one on Sunday. First off, I have two 5 gallon plastic buckets. I got these at Walmart. They are food grade and non-BPA. I fill both and add...
  7. Tony_P

    Panda Cory Relaxing

    Can this be the fish equivalent of lounging on a hammock with your feet up while napping ...... my wife just loves this litle one Tony
  8. Tony_P

    New Panda Cory Enjoying Spinach

    Here's our newest member of the tank -- a panda cory -- who is every bit a clown in the evenings. Right now its enjoying some spinach. Its not eating it, or so we can tell, but just sitting on it enjoying the gentle currents in the water! It is looking rather in awe at the fish shaped veggie...
  9. Panda_Cory_Enjoying_Spinach.jpg


    Our new panda cory enjoying some spinach
  10. Tony_P

    Green Peppers?

    I'm coming to your house for supper! :D Tony
  11. Tony_P

    Green Peppers?

    Based on the posts I gave it a try in both my tanks. I put a quarter of a green pepper in a cup of water and then in the microwave for 60 seconds. In one tank I put it on a skewer that I have for the tank only so that it was in the upper one third of the tank. In the other I anchored it in the...
  12. Tony_P

    Funny Assassin Snail thinks its an Oto

    . Pssst -- don't let on and tell the other 3 that I'm a snail
  13. Assassin_Snail_thinks_its_an_Oto.jpg


    Assassin Snail thinks its an Oto
  14. Tony_P

    Comment by 'Tony_P' in media 'Cories on a mission'

    All lined up and ready to go!
  15. Tony_P

    A Day At The (snail) Races....

    And they're off, and if snails had necks it would be a neck and neck race as they blindingly speed toward the finish line and no doubt will result in a photo finish as snail number 1 pulls ahead as they round the corner of the tank in this exciting and slow-paced world of a snail. We'll pause...
  16. Snail_Races


    And they're off!
  17. Tony_P

    What Type Of Fish Is This Little One?

    When I brought up my 2nd tank -- and stocked it with plants and fish, my wife and I discovered a little stowaway in the plants. The little one has grown -- but we don't know what type of fish it is. We thought it was a guppy, but we aren't sure. Any one have any ideas? Stowaway by Tony_P posted...
  18. Stowaway


    Not sure what type of fish this little stowaaway is
  19. Tony_P

    News From The Guppy Tank

    First sad news -- my boy Spot passed away about two weeks ago. He leaves behind wives Lucy and Ethel and many children and grandchildren. RIP Spot Now for a weird one .. got a guppy that always seems to swim vertically Odd_Guppy by Tony_P posted Oct 5, 2019 at 5:59 PM It's not at the top of...

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