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  1. funkman262

    Help First time planted tank

    Just like with fish, make sure you do some research on the plants you want and make sure they'll be able to survive in your tank. You'll want to check for lighting levels, trace mineral requirements, growth rate, what type of substrate they need, if they're planted or just sunk to the bottom...
  2. funkman262

    where to cut

    I usually cut my ambulia a couple nodes below wherever I see some good root growth and then shove and in the sand
  3. funkman262

    New fish person here, plant questions

    Responses in red
  4. funkman262

    Question Question about I think Sump Pumps?

    Phew lol I was a little worried there
  5. funkman262

    Question Question about I think Sump Pumps?

    Congrats on saving some fishy lives . But the reason I ask is because according to your aquarium info, your nitrite is 5ppm+. Is it still that high or has it just not been updated?
  6. funkman262

    Saltwater fish help

    I was just trying to explain to you that mg/L is the same thing as ppm. Edit: I'll do the math real quick: 1 ppm means 1 part per million 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg 1 kg equals 1 million mg (1mg/L)(1kg/1,000,000mg)(1L/kg)=10^-6 or 1 per million Although this is not always the...
  7. funkman262

    Question What sort of molly are these?

    Gold balloon molly I believe
  8. funkman262

    Saltwater fish help

    Same thing
  9. funkman262

    Question Can I remove the blue closers on hob

    I think the purpose of them is to just regulate how much water is being pulled from the middle versus the bottom. In other words, if you closed them, the intake would pull all the water from the bottom of the tank. If you removed them, those slots would just remain completely open and take the...
  10. funkman262

    Saltwater fish help

    Do you know why you have nitrite in there but no nitrate? I don't think you need to worry though because I believe saltwater makes nitrite less toxic (correct me if I'm wrong).
  11. funkman262

    is it safe?

    They're not technically coldwater fish, they're temperate fish that are used to the temperature changes between seasons. One of the reasons that goldfish are kept in cooler water is because warm water doesn't hold as much oxygen. If you need to raise the tank temperature for the RTS, be sure to...
  12. funkman262

    My art piece :)

    Any updates?
  13. funkman262

    New moon lighting

    Please get a larger pic with it running in the tank at night :drool: lol looks awesome from what I can see
  14. funkman262

    Saltwater fish help

    Keep in mind also that in general (based on what I've read, not from experience), anemones are very difficult to care for in a home aquarium. Make sure you do plenty of research because the water quality must be ideal for them to survive. Also, it's hard to force a clown to host anything you...
  15. funkman262

    Sand Vs. gravel.

    Malaysian Trumpet Snails are great at doing that for you
  16. funkman262

    Help First time planted tank

    True, good point. They may get messy but the reasoning for mentioning them is that slow growing plants won't do much for nutrient uptake from the water column. Slow-growing plants are great if you just want a natural look that doesn't really need to be messed with. Fast-growing plants like...
  17. funkman262

    Help First time planted tank

    Of course. Some plants have different methods of thinning. I think with hornwort you just cut it wherever you want. If you start out with a little bit, you may be able to cut it and replant it to help fill the tank. Eventually, you'll probably end up just trimming and tossing.
  18. funkman262

    Help First time planted tank

    And when the ammonia is used up, they'll also start to use nitrate for food which is good to keep nitrates out of the toxic levels (mine never get above 5). In order for this to happen though, you'll need fast growing plants (hornwort is a good one; I heard it grows like a weed).
  19. funkman262

    DIY solar powered moonlight

    Much thanks ;D. This hobby has been turning me into a carpenter and an electrician (I'd like to say keeping fish has also turned me into a scientist, but I entered the hobby with that under my belt ).
  20. funkman262

    Medium light plant packages

    I bought some of these from Steve not too long ago and they're really growing well (especially the ambulia which I have to constantly trim because they reach the top of the water). As for the snails, I had snail removing chemicals when I bought the plants but forgot to use it, but I'm glad I did...

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