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  1. TmacD

    No need for water changes

    There may be some truth to this still.....I dated a girl from Minnesota once, let's just say she seemed to always be drawn to crazy. Must have been the strong magnetic fields of her homeland.
  2. TmacD

    Bed bugs and your aquarium

    Here's an update. The bug man has come and gone, I'm back in my apartment, and the fish are fine. What I ended up doing is getting a roll of 10x20 1 mil platic dropcloth. You can usually get it at Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. At first I though of draping it over the tank, then I thoughy...
  3. TmacD

    Bed bugs and your aquarium

    Nice! I don't have Oscars but the way my Platys and neons feed the bbgs wouldn't stand a chance. Its like a blur of hungry hungry hippos coming at your fingers.....scares me sometimes. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  4. TmacD

    Bed bugs and your aquarium

    thanks for the links Lucy...and the advice everyone else. I've been killing them as I come across them. My feelings have morphed from horror to uneasiness to well......I'm just pretty po'd at this point. Me and the fishes are going to make it out of this one!
  5. TmacD

    Bed bugs and your aquarium

    I can't express how grossed out I am right now. i have bed bugs. The apartment complex has been battling them for awhile now and they finally landed in my apartment. the exterminator is coming tomorrow and i received instructions on what do addition to bagging up everything I own, I...
  6. TmacD

    Seachem Ammonia/pH Alert Stickers

    I have used them.....and they DON'T work. I had them when I first started my tank and the ammonia never read anything other than 0ppm. I picked up some test strips and I actually had 3.0 ppm. Scary to say the least.
  7. TmacD

    Excited that Petsmart now is selling German Blue Ram and Roseline Sharks

    They are also selling clown plecos!! =) I love mine...although he doesn't come out much during the day, but when he does it is a real treat!!!
  8. TmacD

    30 Gallon Tank How long after TSS can I expect the water to clear?

    Here is a thread containing a Q&A with tetra about tss. I would suggest doing two 50% water changes consecutively, to knock ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates down, then giving tss another try. Study up up, then give it another go. I would also suggest using the bottle that treats up to 30...
  9. TmacD

    Excited that Petsmart now is selling German Blue Ram and Roseline Sharks

    Nice!! gbrs are awesome...I'm thinking I'm going to go with bolivian rams next time around though.
  10. TmacD

    Do you play an instrument?

    I played the violin for nine years up until I graduated high school. I miss it dearly! I can read music like a boss though because of it!
  11. TmacD

    FREE to a good home - MTS

    sounds like the kind of people that might show up with a trident!
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  13. TmacD

    FREE to a good home - MTS

    what's a mts gang?
  14. TmacD

    Excited that Petsmart now is selling German Blue Ram and Roseline Sharks

    you sure they are gbrs? The petsmarts here have started selling Bolivian rams...which are very similar.
  15. TmacD

    go with a 20 gallon starter kit, or just a 29 gallon tank?

    If I were you I'd go with the 20. The reason I say this is because you mentioned you live in an older trailer. just the water weight for a 29 is 242lbs(us)+gravel+stand+whatever else you put in/on it. That's a lot of weight for a trailer floor to support. Going down to a 20g will take your water...
  16. TmacD

    bristle nose pleco just vanished? ( found)

    My clown pleco likes to hang upside down on the bottom side of my driftwood....did you check there. Sometimes I can't even find him cause he blends so well.
  17. TmacD

    Where did you meet your spouse/significant other?

    I just celebrated my year anniversary with my gf on the 21st. We were introduced by a friend of mine since preschool and her husband. The love of my life teaches English at an impoverished high school. We are planning to get engaged this soon as my ring fund gets big enough.
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    Welcome!!! Come on in and stay awhile!
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    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    Seasons one and two are on netflix! I just got into this show and love it! I think I've become addicted and should stop watching.....on second thought, NOOOpe!

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