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    angelfish eggs/fungicide

    alright. I have wigglers now so ill try that on the next batch. Thanks!
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    angelfish eggs/fungicide

    catsma, how much peroxide do you add to the tank per gallon? Ive heard this technique used before but never knew how much is supposed to be added. I am curious about this and may try it in the future!
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    angelfish eggs/fungicide

    well theyve laid maybe 4 times in a seperate tank, they wont lay in the community tank. And usually i have them in a 20 gallon to lay the eggs and at the moment the eggs are in a 10 gallon. Both parents are removed now, the mother started snacking on the eggs so i took her out. The male wasnt...
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    angelfish eggs/fungicide

    my male usually has a pretty good percentage fertilization, but maybe he is the reason so many turn white. At what point would they stop turning white ig it were his fertilization skills at fault does anyone know? I do 2 nearly 30 percent water changes every day in the hatchout tank, should i be...
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    Mystery Fish

    post a pic!!! Id love to see this unique fry youre speaking of!
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    Help Attempting to raise Angelfish - advice and comments welcome.

    well, for your next attempt, as it sounds you will try again, and you should! Maybe try fresh water instead of from another tank and use a fungicide safe for unhatched eggs to replace the parents fanning/blowing. I am currently working on a batch of angelfish eggs myself (this is my 4th attempt)...
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    Swordtail babies from Ich Tank Safe?

    keep the babies in a breeder trap or net in the same tank until you know theyre treated. Thats your safest bet if you dont have another empty tank for the babes.
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    At what point should I remove a female live bearer

    ive had quite a bit of experience with live bearers and what i look for in a ready to birth female is for her belly to 'square off'. Instead of a round belly, a female that is just about ready to give birth will have a more square or rectangular looking belly. Thats how i always tell, and after...
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    angelfish eggs/fungicide

    i have a pair of angelfish who have spawned when seperated to their own tank a few times in the past and have tried to artificially raise the fry but havent gotten past the just free swimming stage. my question is that i am using this fungicide called liquid fungus cure from API that turns...

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