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  1. cello

    Question King Betta Changed Colors??

    Nitrates don't need to be built up. In fact, they're quite harmful for fish in high levels. As fishyparents14 said, your readings may be zero because your cycle hasn't been completed, or any testing kit(s) you use could be giving incorrect readings. How frequently you do water changes is up to...
  2. cello

    Question King Betta Changed Colors??

    Darkening is usually normal; when bettas are in pet stores, they tend to be stressed and thus their colors may be more faded when you buy them. You may not notice nitrates building up much if you're doing frequent water changes.
  3. cello

    What Plant Is This?

    I was just curious - I found it in my lake, where it grows in really dense clusters (green, and orange/pink at the top).
  4. cello

    I Just Euthanized My Fish

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I love my fish Bandit and Z the same way too, I know it sounds silly to some people but I do have always had a very close connection to all of the pets I kept. I talk to my fish a lot, and when they pass away I put them in little cloth sachets in flowerpots and add...
  5. cello

    Fish Vanished From My Tank

    It could have died and was eaten by your guppies.
  6. cello

    Question Feeding Betta In A Community Tank With Rasboras?

    You can try hand feeding to individually control how much food each fish gets (it takes a while for the fish to get used to it though) or you can just feed everyone the flakes and stop feeding the betta the sinking pellets.
  7. cello

    Angelfish - Male Or Female?

    I know that it is difficult to determine the sex of angelfish, but I was just curious if anyone could help me figure it out. This is Bandit: This is Z: Also, are they veiltail or standard? The pet store I got them from only labeled them as "angelfish." Thank you!
  8. cello

    Miracle-gro Performance Organics

    But isn't coal slag inert and safe to use? I know a lot of people who use black diamond blasting sand, and they don't report any toxins in their tanks. It's a good substrate but I can't use it because I would need about 300 pounds of sand in order to use it properly for a planted tank, so most...
  9. cello

    Adding Driftwood Killed Our Whole Tank

    I'm not sure if it was the driftwood. The brown water is because the driftwood naturally releases tannins, which are pretty safe, I believe. Could it be that the driftwood lowered the pH of the water? I've heard that it could do that, but the change isn't that drastic, and you said the water...
  10. cello

    Miracle-gro Performance Organics

    Is Miracle-Gro's Performance Organics All-Purpose In-Ground Garden Soil safe for plants and fish, and is a good substitute for aquarium soils? How long will it last (that is, sustain aquarium plants)? And should I use the organic potting mix instead or is just the organic garden soil okay? I...
  11. cello

    Question Platy Diet

    Bloodworms and spirulina are good - you can also add a high-quality flake food to make sure their diet is complete. Platy fish aren't very picky, in my experience. I feed my fish as much as they can eat in roughly two minutes, twice a day. About the size of their eye sounds about right, though...
  12. cello

    Fish Deaths Not Sure What Is Going On - Updated

    Could it be swim bladder disease? You can try to treat this by feeding boiled peas with the skin off.
  13. cello

    Fish Deaths Not Sure What Is Going On - Updated

    Can you take a picture of your molly?
  14. cello

    Bloodworms In Fountain?

    My mom has a small fountain in her backyard. Whenever she doesn't empty it out for a while, egg sac like things attach to the side and soon, very long, thin red worms appear. I was wondering if these were bloodworms, and if so, are they safe to feed to my angelfish? I don't have any experience...
  15. cello

    Question Bolivian Ram In 5 Gallon Tank?

    I'm not sure about this, but if the tank is empty and has no source of ammonia, as seems to be the case in your post, shouldn't it need to be cycled again? Personally, I think 5 gallons won't do for Bolivian rams - I believe the minimum tank size they need is 29 gallons.
  16. cello

    How Many Fish In 3.5 Gallon Tank?

    According to How do we know whether fish have feelings too?, fish may experience emotions. Anyway, whether or not a fish has feelings like happiness or sadness is really beside the point; they do get stressed out and they can suffer (even if the "pain" in their world is different from ours)...
  17. cello

    Longish Lived Small Mammal Pets

    Oh oops, I didn't read that this was a double post. Sorry.
  18. cello

    Longish Lived Small Mammal Pets

    I'm so sorry to hear about Vulcan. My friend used to have a hedgehog. They're really cute! Hers lived for about four or five years, I think.
  19. cello

    Question Beneficial Bacteria Question

    Thank you for all of the replies! They were really informative. I haven't set up the tank yet (it's empty), but when I do move the fish, it should have been running for about three or four days, so hopefully, the fish will be okay. My angelfish wouldn't cooperate (they seem to have a fear of...
  20. cello

    Question Beneficial Bacteria Question

    I'm moving two angelfish from the 29g in my house to the 240g in the house that I'm moving into. It is about 45 minutes away and I'm worried that the beneficial bacteria in the gravel and filter will die if I just submerge them in a bucket of tank water for the trip? And after adding the old...

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