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  1. Devon

    Comment by 'Devon' in media 'IMG_0286'

    LOVE this fish!!!
  2. Devon

    Comment by 'Devon' in media 'Winter'

    I love his cute little face!!!
  3. Devon

    What kind of Betta do I have?

    Peanut, hah! I love that name! He's darling. Good luck with his fin rot, I hope he feels better soon.
  4. Devon

    Long Time No Post!

    Hi everyone! I have been away a super long time; ever since I moved, I've been missing internet! Just dropping in to say "hello" to my fellow betta mommies (& daddies)! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ^_^
  5. Devon

    Introducing the new boy on the block - Hamish MacDonald :)

    Cute little man! My boys would spit out the Hikari Bio-Gold pellets for the first little bit, (spoiled on junk food when I got them), but after fasting a couple of days they took to it just fine. The Bio-Gold pellets are much better for them than most of the flake food on the market. Good...
  6. Devon

    Red dragons again

    CONGRATS Allie, they're precious!! I especially like that roly-poly girl of yours, what a cutie!!
  7. Devon

    New Dragon boy arrived yesterday on a Harley!

    Update: he's coming out of his shell a lot more and is friendly but still somewhat cautious. He's moving around a lot easier and I even caught him playing in the water flow of his filter last night! He's continuing to colour up and eat like a little piggy (he's figured out that I am the one...
  8. Devon

    Update on Popsicle

    What a cute little combtail you have there!! Very nice!
  9. Devon

    New Dragon boy arrived yesterday on a Harley!

    Thanks, Rose. I've given him plenty of soft little hiding places with the option of coming to the front if he's feeling social. So far, he has been all inquisitive and curious, peering out at anyone that walks by. He acts nothing today like the shy, frightened, damaged little guy he was last...
  10. Devon

    New Dragon boy arrived yesterday on a Harley!

    He looks pretty awful at the moment. The fin damage is enough to make me want to cry. But he's awfully perky this morning, which I was so happy to see; I've been worried sick about him since I bought him!
  11. Devon


    Hi guys!! I don't have internet at my new house at the moment, and have been so busy training new recruits at the office, I haven't been able to come visit here! But I miss you all terribly! I popped in this morning to give you all the update on my new boy-- I haven't thought of a name for...
  12. Devon

    New Dragon boy arrived yesterday on a Harley!

    My gorgeous new yellow and white dragon OHM boy came into Seattle on Monday, but I couldn't get in touch with the transhipper, Jeff Wilson, until yesterday. He told me that I had "one gorgeous fish" ready and even offered to deliver him! He said he would put the fish in his saddlebag on his...
  13. Devon

    Squirming, fidgeting, nail-biting: where is my fish!!

    MONDAY!! And I got paid today... time to go shopping!!!
  14. Devon

    Squirming, fidgeting, nail-biting: where is my fish!!

    Thanks!! I am all aflutter getting things ready here. ;D I also found this SUPER cool antique aquarium on Craigslist; it's a bamboo-framed 25 gallon from the Phillipines... my barb and neon tank might just get upgraded next week, too! Or maybe... more fish? LOL I'm incurable...
  15. Devon

    A red dragon baby

    Oh Allie he looks so sweet!! You deserve a happy, healthy boy-- I wish you all the best; keep us updated!!!
  16. Devon

    Craigslist darn you!

    Oh my gosh!! I want one!!!!!!
  17. Devon

    Squirming, fidgeting, nail-biting: where is my fish!!

    I sure hope so!! I can't wait!! I'm getting paid soon so I'm shopping for fancy tank decor online, hehe. ;D
  18. Devon

    Squirming, fidgeting, nail-biting: where is my fish!!

    My new boy (one in my avatar!) is on his way from Thailand... the transhipper here in Washington says that his next shipment will be in on September 15th. I am just dying in anticipation!! I cannot WAIT to see him! I hope he has a safe journey! I have him as my desktop background at work...
  19. Devon

    Update on my rescue: Over a month later

    What a sweetie! He looks so much healthier and happier, it's unbelievable!! It's such a great feeling to watch them blossom, isn't it?
  20. Devon

    Pumpkin and Betta Boy have a brother ...

    I can't believe I missed this!! He's sooooo darn cute! Love, love, love this boy! Haven't even gotten my newest boy from Aquabid and already I'm looking with covetous eyes at more bettas!!

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