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  1. mollybabes

    A Month Since Last Water Change

    And no fish have died so it's fine.
  2. mollybabes

    A Month Since Last Water Change

    Parameters are fine. 0,0,10 Its like the one downstairs. That can go for her without being cleaned. I think it's our filters.
  3. mollybabes

    A Month Since Last Water Change

    I haven't cleaned my tank in a month and it's actually okay.
  4. mollybabes

    Just Found Baby Ghost Shrimp In My Tank

    I've never had babies. The adults always seem to be berried but never give birth. I think the eggs are superglued on.
  5. mollybabes

    Help Female Molly Acting Quite Weird

    I love baby mollies. Can't have anymore, my rainbows take up all the space. I had 16 at one point. The most they survived for was a year due to sooty's faulty genes. Hopefully you'll have some luck with yours
  6. mollybabes

    Who Makes Up The Rules?

    Of course some of it is common sense (If you happen to have an acf called Blotchie who had a dark tank because the lights blew, don't put two new mollies in the tank)
  7. mollybabes

    Fish For New 40 Gallon

    Mollies Rainbows(Actually, that might just be me.) Platies Guppies Cories
  8. mollybabes

    Who Makes Up The Rules?

    I was getting ridiculous, looking back on it. My family have kept fish since I was young. Then I come on here and have the cheek to tell them they are going to kill all the fish. Been doing it since 2007 and fish have been fine for their lifespan.
  9. mollybabes

    Who Makes Up The Rules?

    I was wondering after lots of great advice, who makes up the rules of what fish goes in what gallon and what goes with what? I'm not blaming anyone, but I left this site last year some time because I was getting so paranoid about my fish. The group of 6+ for schooling fish, when my LFS and...
  10. mollybabes

    Help Female Molly Acting Quite Weird

    You say you are doing a fish in cycle. Mollies aren't the hardiest fish for that. Danios are better. Could she have been pregnant. I lost my Chalky during birth.
  11. mollybabes

    How Long Should I Acclimate Mystery Snails?

    If they are healthy it's okay in my opinion. It's like with all my tanks. They are probably overstocked and haven;t quite got the right numbers of fish, but they are all healthy and happy. If they were unhappy they'd die of stress.
  12. mollybabes

    Fat Neon Tetras?

    Me neons are swimming skeletons so you're doing better than me
  13. mollybabes

    Mystery Snail Acting Strange

    So first I'd get the tank cycled. The betta needs it cycled.
  14. mollybabes

    Should I Be Concerned?

    Oh right. Sorry, misunderstanding. I don't Know then
  15. mollybabes

    Should I Be Concerned?

    Wipe off all the water and then see if more water appears
  16. mollybabes

    What's Up With This Fry's Eye?

    1. Victoria was born white and developed spot so they can change like that. 2. Wiggle was born with a deformed tail and made it to 4 months. It might survive. 3.Darkness was always half the size of Demi, Wiggle and Victoria but outlived Demi and Wiggle.
  17. mollybabes

    Question Am I Wrong?

    Okay so there are three options to this in my opinion. 1. It could be like my dwarf rainbow. He just died a month into me owning him. No other reason, nothing wrong. 2. It could be like my mollies. All the babies die one after another. That is suspicious and you look into it, realise they are...
  18. mollybabes

    125 Gallon Fish Suggestions

    silver dollar?
  19. mollybabes

    Funny How Many Gallons For An Orca?

    I'll read it tomorrow, just realised how late it is

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