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    Let’s Talk Photography!

    Aye aye!
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    Fishless cycle after fish death

    Seeing as you weren’t overfeeding I don’t think the water parameters resulted in the betta’s demise. When buying Bettas they often come from open air ponds in tropical regions. Therefore exposed to conditions such as birds flying over dropping S bombs, eating insects who fall into said pond etc...
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    Let’s Talk Photography!

    @toeknee Im a sucker for historical architecture and adore the street shot! @Elkwatcher I’ve been doing some experiments with point of view and variations of static subjects. As soon as I can shoot and edit those I’ll certainly share. Till then here is Leo the uncooperative betta. Edit: gotta...
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    Let’s Talk Photography!

    In order to get more practice in composition I’ve been using my pitifully outdated iPhone to snap pics at work. I absolutely hate people that build fences around utility poles :). These colts pretended to help till I found out they were the culprits of the chewed up wire.
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    Help Betta Columnaris Or Something Else?

    Anchor worms maybe? Google the symptoms and look at some pics to see if that’s what you are seeing Formalin or api General cure if you’re in the US salt is also a good alternative if not
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    Let’s Talk Photography!

    Like this one? Lol I didn’t like the composition as much. You mean Mayberry? Mount Airy is up near the VA border it’s very beautiful up there.
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    Help Worms On The Glass!!!

    My guess would be either nematodes or planaria as they are the most common I’ve seen in my aquariums. Planaria are a flat worm vs nematodes being round. Here is an interesting article I found when researching a while back. Worms in Fish Tanks – Are They Dangerous to Fish?
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    Let’s Talk Photography!

    Those are some great shots at the art festival. I got so sucked into the child offering her mom some water. Great job with that one. It’s fast becoming a slower time at work for me so hopefully I’ll be able to get out more. Of course this time of year means not much is going on. Catch22 lol so...
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    Guppy Pregnancy Question

    Ehhh that’s a tough one because bloat is usually a symptom vs an actual disease. If there are no noticeable scales protruding (pineconing) then that’s a start. Again maybe some time away from the gourami will set her at ease. Ime parasites were the usual culprits of pregnant looking females that...
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    What Is Going On With My Betta’s Fins

    What’s the lighting in the room look like. Could he have been flaring at his reflection and flared a little too hard. Never seen it in a betta but have seen guppies rip a fin getting jiggy with it.
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    Really Sick Betta

    All pics from the same day? Have the number of spots increased over the past days? Any other tanks in the house? Have you tested tds?
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    Line Breeding Guppies

    Ive been working on this too. It’s going to take a lot of tanks. I started with some uninteresting feeder guppies to put it lightly and let them colony breed. Then it’s picking out genetics you like from male and female. What I’ve been doing is selecting two females with the best colors and...
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    Guppy Pregnancy Question

    Scales protruding from the body any? At this point I’d be worried it’s bloat. Either way I’d move her to a qt if possible.
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    Help Wound On Molly's Cheek/gills

    Is said molly flashing? Ie rubbing up against decor/substrate like its itching? I assume no ammonia/nitrites? When did you notice said discrepancy?
  15. SaltyPhone

    Betta Fins Look Ragged

    I think he’ll be fine if there’s no signs of inflammation around the damaged fins it’s not fin rot or recent nipping. Bettas are definitely one of my favorite fish so much personality in a small package!
  16. SaltyPhone

    Goldfish White Lump On Head, Now On Side Too

    Glad to hear you got it figured out and the situation has improved; you may want to follow up with an antibiotic like erythromycin. That’ll help heal the entry point of anchor worms.
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    Stocking For A 40 Gallon Breeder?

    I had to look up that species of killi wow I had no idea there were killis that reached 4”; so yea nano fish not a good idea. You could try tiger barbs I’ve never had good luck with them in a community tank thusly don’t recommend them as such. They are amazing though I have 15-19 in a 40B hard...
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    Our New 25 Gallon Tank

    . I’d personally go for a Patrick or Krusty Krab ornament to keep in line with the theme without getting monotonous
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    Stocking For A 40 Gallon Breeder?

    If you want to center the tank around your killifish; i’d really reconsider the whole stocking list you mentioned. With killifish id maybe do some other smaller fish like a whole bunch of cpd and maybe smaller corys like pandas or Pygmys. If you want to do a large school of tiger barbs maybe try...
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    Goldfish White Lump On Head, Now On Side Too

    In the pic both spots appear to be raised and cottony looking. Again I’m not there so if you’ve never dealt with fungus before it difficult to say but that’s what I see based on the picture. I’m not familiar with api’s ich meds but as long as it’s malachite blue/green that should do the trick

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