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  1. Galathiel

    Question Please help me with my fair fish

    Welcome to Fishlore! I think you've put a lot of time and energy into the little carnival fish and he's lucky that he has you looking out for him. :) Yes, he will probably need a bigger tank, but you have a little wiggle room for now while you wait for a larger tank that will fit in your...
  2. Galathiel

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    I don't look at fishlore on a phone. I'm on my desktop computer. All the little buttons have the same look so I can't tell by looking what they are (conversations, notifications, ---. every single button/icon/whatever you want to call it including all the buttons when you are typing a...
  3. Galathiel

    Goldfish Breathing At Top Of Tank

    Your cycle is being maintained by your filter for the most part. Just don't touch it while you're doing large water changes. To put it in perspective, I have a 46 gallon tank (around 174l), and I do a weekly 70 percent water change. (I have 3 smallish fancy goldfish in the aquarium). ETA...
  4. Galathiel

    Help! My Betta Was Neglected For 3 Weeks!

    Unless you have nitrates in your water, 40ppm is pretty high for a betta tank since they have such a low bioload. Lots of clean water is the best medicine for ailing fish most of the time.
  5. Galathiel

    Help How Much Food For Goldfish?

    Do you know how much your fish weigh? That's one way to do it. I weighed mine (put a plastic container of their water on a digital scale, zeroed it out and then put a fish in) and it wasn't that hard to do. They say to feed 2% of their body weight a day. I weighed in grams and then checked...
  6. Galathiel

    How Long To Build Up Biofilm In New Tank

    I would buy indian almond leaves and other botanicals and add to the tank. They add a lot of natural grazing and also help with the biofilm in the tank. ETA: I upgraded my cherries to a new tank because they had outgrown their 5.5. I keep BacterAE on hand and added it under the gravel and...
  7. Galathiel

    Another Angelfish Question

    @bizaliz3 has around 1.75 million angels. She could probably give you some realistic expectations if she's around this weekend.
  8. Galathiel

    Help Water Change Help! Ammonia And Python

    I drain my tank (via python), add my Prime, then refill the tank (again, via python).
  9. Galathiel

    Freshwater Neon Tetra & Betta

    Interesting ..didn't someone ask about bettas and tetras yesterday? What size aquarium are you planning to get? It will need to be bigger than you think so that the betta doesn't feel a need to terrorize others in his 'territory'. Some bettas are fine .. others will hunt and kill whatever is...
  10. Galathiel

    Jleem's 5.5 Gallon Tanks

    I never could bring myself to do it. With my failing betta, I moved him to a shallow tub (holds about 3 gallons completely full but has a large surface area because it was wide), only filled it up half way, put a silk plant on its side and added an airstone. I did 100% water changes every...
  11. Galathiel

    Downsizing Betta

    A lot depends on the individual betta. I had a betta in a 2.5 gallon for over a year. At the end, he didn't move at all, but hovered in place. The dimensions of a 2.5 (and would be just the same issue in a divided 5 gallon) leads to a lack of lateral swimming area. I moved him to a 6.6...
  12. Galathiel

    Water Turns A Yellowish Color

    What do you have in the tank? Do you have any real wood? Those can leach tannins into the water.
  13. Galathiel

    Pond In A Pot

    The rectangular planter with the creeping jenny - will that be a waterfall eventually?
  14. Galathiel

    Biz's Bn Pleco Breeding Journal!

    Way to cover all the bases! LOL Maybe I will sell them .. or keep them!
  15. Galathiel

    Jleem's 5.5 Gallon Tanks

    So sorry about your betta. I just lost my last betta, Kane, this weekend. He was 4? 5?
  16. Galathiel

    Everything Figured Out

    I've used Seachem Equilibrium (powder) and also Seachem Replenish (liquid). I'm lazy and switched to Replenish because I don't have the issues with getting the powder to dissolve. Equilibrium is purportedly better if you have live plants, but I haven't had any issues with Replenish and my...
  17. Galathiel

    Everything Figured Out

    You do need to remineralize it if you didn't do so. Fish need the minerals that are in the water and the RO unit takes them all out (hence the 0 reading).
  18. Galathiel

    Wrong Substrate, High Ph, Help

    What is your tap ph? I wonder if it's very stable with your having such a low kh anyway. You might want something to help keep it more stable (like the crushed coral).
  19. Galathiel

    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    I've been fascinated listening to you talk about your angels. I just wish I could absorb more of it! If I ever have my largest tank free up, I plan to add an angel to it ... because of your thread. I owned them a hundred years ago, but haven't owned an angel in years (just have nano tanks...
  20. Galathiel

    I Need Help Stocking A 60 Gallon Tank

    I would go to the store and see what fish are available and are appealing to you. Make a list and then run the list by some of the folks here at Fishlore to see what would be compatible with what you already have.

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