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  1. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    That wouldn’t cycle the tank. Water has very little beneficial bacteria. I assume you are getting very lucky with your fish as 99% of the time all of your fish would’ve been dead by now. Please take my advice of what I said and get a test kit and dose accordingly with seachem prime. Once the...
  2. jacob thompson

    Question Cory Cat Schooling

    Sometimes closely related cory catfish species will mix their schools but most of the time they will not.
  3. jacob thompson

    Question Ram I.d.

    It does just look like a stressed mikrogeophagus ramirezi (german blue ram)
  4. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    Then I would do what I said to do, get the test kit to figure out what’s going on because it doesn’t sound like internal parasites.
  5. jacob thompson

    Mut Cichlid?

    Lol, I’ll be honest. Couldn’t remember if it was labrodomis or labrochromis.
  6. jacob thompson

    Mut Cichlid?

    Looks like a almost pure yellow labrodomis. The vertical stripes appearing and disappearing is normal
  7. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    Sounds like it isn’t cycled and that’s causing them to have stress and not eating. They require mature tanks and because they are sensitive. Because your tank isn’t cycled yoost likely either have ammonia or nitrite in the water column which is a contributing factor in their deaths since they...
  8. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    I wouldn’t treat them unless you know that’s what he has. What are you offering him to eat? How old is the tank? Does he have a sunken belly? Does he have white stringy poop?
  9. jacob thompson

    Bottom Dwellers For A 20 Gallon Tall

    A school of Khuli loaches, habrosus cory catfish, or pygmeus cory catfish. Those would be my picks
  10. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    Oh I know. I meant they wouldn’t die like he said. I feed mine blood worms (frozen), brine shrimp (frozen), blackworms (live), the occasional bladder snail from the high tech tank, ghost shrim(live), and brine eggs. I see variety as best whether it’s frozen or live both give a lot of natural...
  11. jacob thompson

    Random Plant Questions With Bacopa And Crypts.

    Stem plants usually grow roots mid stem to help with propagation and to to extract more nutrients from the water column. If you want to propagate them just cut the stem half an inch below the new root and plant them. As for the crypto species looks like wenditi in the process of transitioning...
  12. jacob thompson

    Duration Of Light For Tank With Two Led Fixtures

    I have a fluval 3.0 planted and a finnex Ray 2 on my high tech tank and I run it for 10 hours. I use more CO2 and ferts but see very good growth and little algae. But you could cut it down to 6-8 hours. Lighting planted tanks is more about intensity of the light versus duration. Short high...
  13. jacob thompson

    My High Tech Planted Tank

    wanted to share photos of my high tech tank before and after the addition of co2. It was added December 30th and the second photo is after it was added taken February 2nd. The other photo is before the addition of pressurized co2 taken December tenth. A majority of the additions is from growth...
  14. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    They don’t require snails to their diet. Pea puffers are the only puffer species that don’t have the tooth overgrowth problem. This honestly sounds like internal parasites to me. They’re often wildcaught and wildcaught fish are at a much higher risk of developing internal parasites than captive...
  15. jacob thompson

    Help Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    How long have you had them? And what are the water perameters?
  16. jacob thompson

    Colour Change On Betta. Should I Be Concerned?

    Betta genetics have a gene called the marble gene that causes color change with age, I would get your water tested at a local fish or pet store they usually offer free water tests and if everything comes back good than it’s just natural color change.
  17. jacob thompson

    Question Nitrogen Cycle In Acidic Water?

    Not in aquariums it’s basically impossible to plant it enough to make it 0 ammonium and ammonia. And if anything causes a increase of ph the ammonia would instantly become toxic to the fish. So you can set up a blackwater aquarium but you need to be 100% sure the ph never raises and plant it a lot.
  18. jacob thompson

    Question Nitrogen Cycle In Acidic Water?

    It doesn’t at the low ph ammonia becomes ammonium which is abasicallg harmless to fish and then plants absorb all the excess ammonium before it can overload the ecosystem. Above 7 ph ammonium becomes ammonia which is deadly which is why the nitrogen cycle exists.
  19. jacob thompson

    Fb Fish Groups (rant Warning)

    Yeah I’m just going to look at the pretty fish photos and keep my opinions to myself. They have some nice ads for Thailand bettas in the groups.

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