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    Fish For A Betta Tank

    I wouldn't put Harlequin Rasboras in a ten gallon tank. I have 7 and they are all over my bigger tank. Just my opinion.
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    Black Sand Vs Natural - Opinions & Pics Please?

    I too like both. But I find the black sand gets "older" looking after a while, at least for me. I actually like small gravel the best. I've tried them all, natural sand, black and the gravel. It pretty much falls to the person who owns the tank to figure out which they like better :) I've...
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    What Cap For A Dirted Tank?

    I use the black diamond sand. Any kind of sand or gravel you use will let some of the dirt up when you plant or remove plants. I just let it settle back after planting, never hurts anything in the tank and I've done it for years.
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    Fry And Gravel Vacuuming

    Just rubber band some pantyhose material over the end of the tube.
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    Tank Stand Paranoia

    I wouldn't trust it. I don't trust those skinny wooden legs on any thing I use for a stand. But I'm paranoid too lol.
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    Question Signs Of A Good Lfs?

    I just look at the fish I'm interested in and if the tank is clean and no signs of illness then I buy. I don't bother asking a sales person because I already know about the fish I'm planning on buying. I don't worry to much if the person knows much about fish. Just do your research before hand...
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    How To Anchor/baby Proof An Aquarium?

    I use to use bailing wire to hook the stand to the wall lol.
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    Large Beginner Tank Ideas Needed

    If you want a larger tank and you already know it, just get the biggest you can afford.
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    Goldfish In Horse Water Trough

    Not sure if fantails are as tough as comets. You may have a problem with that type of goldfish.
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    Goldfish In Horse Water Trough

    All I can say is mine did and I live in central IL. As long as I had that water trough heater going they turned out fine. I also had an above ground pond that did fine. I'm not arguing, just stating a fact when I had them
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    Total Noob - What Is This Fishy?

    Yes, that is a goldfish not a koi. Koi would have barbells by it's mouth. He/she will be better off out of the small tank into a bigger one or a pond
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    Goldfish In Horse Water Trough

    You should be fine putting gold fish in the water trough. I use to do it when we had cows and horses. As for the cold as long as it won't freeze solid, the fish will be fine. And I'm sure you use a heater of some sort in the trough to keep the water hole melted for the horses to drink from...
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    Would The Lid That Matches The Tank Fit Still If It Was Made Rimless?

    I don't think it would still fit. They lay on that lip if I'm not mistaken.
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    Favorite Fish-related Shows/movies?

    That is one show I disliked a lot. Other than just plopping fish in a new tank, they put them in odd places. I saw one where they had a skate board ramp on it, to me that's cruel to the critters in the tank. But as for my favorite fishy kinda show that would be any of the wildlife ocean...
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    60 Gallon Tank What Other Fish Can I Put

    I'm the queen of typos so I can understand them rotfl.
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    60 Gallon Tank What Other Fish Can I Put

    I'm pretty sure that was a typo lol. The heading says 60 gallon.
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    Lizard Tank Came In!!!

    Here is my progress ones that I could find of my setup. I used the black foam because it was easier to cover with the bedding I used so no white would show though. I guess I did carve some of it I couldn't remember but not much I also used smaller cork rounds to put in the foam to make little...
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    Lizard Tank Came In!!!

    You don't. I actually never carved mine, I left it bumpy. I'll post a pic later I think I still have the in progress ones saved. I'm at work so I'll try and post them tomorrow for you.
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    Lizard Tank Came In!!!

    I have that same set up. I did the foam background also. It was really fun! I used mine just for a planted setup. I've taken the plants out since then and now I just ponder what I might put in it. You will enjoy it I'm sure. Can't wait to see how it comes out!
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    Setting Up My Fluval Flex 9; First Timer, Thoughts On How It Looks?

    It's what ever you like. Just to let you know, those plants aren't suppose to be planted in the substrate, they grow on logs and rocks

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