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    Help Received A Dying Betta - Please Help

    If he's still alive and seems even remotely improved, I say keep trying. Just make sure the water is very clean and warm. Indian almond leaves are supposed to be beneficial for bettas, so see if you can maybe find some. High nitrates contribute to swim bladder issues and removing him from that...
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    Friends/family/whatever Keeping Fish Incorrectly

    My coworker had a pacu in a 10 gallon tank...with a common pleco. Mother in law had a common goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. It was always about half full. So really about 4.5 gallons. Never any water changes or gravel vacs, just occasionally topped off. It was as long as the tank and about five...
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    Opae'ula Shrimp

    I need to set up a tank with some of these guys!
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    Khuli Loach On Its Back, Please Help!

    25% water change weekly may not be enough to keep the nitrates low. High nitrates can contribute to swim bladder issues. Try doing some larger water changes for a few days in a row and see if you notice a difference. You can also cut back on feeding so much, as that will contribute to higher...
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    Question Plants For Goldfish

    I have vallisneria and anubias coffeefolia in with my goldfish. I never fertilized it, but I had some swords in one of my tanks and so it died. But they didn't eat it. They eat anacharis, hornwort, and duckweed as supplemental food.
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    Important Old Goldfish Stuck At Top Of Tank

    Any update? Nitrate levels?
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    Important Old Goldfish Stuck At Top Of Tank

    I changed about 75 percent of the water for the remaining tropical fish and they were fine (yes they had tropical fish in with the goldfish amongst other issues), better even than before, because, well, clean water, duh. The pH and temp was the same. Hardness was the same. Perhaps some fish are...
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    Important Old Goldfish Stuck At Top Of Tank

    Ideally a 75% change would be good but if this tank hasn't had a water change in 3 months then the huge reduction in nitrates and change in water chemistry will further shock this fish. I adopted some goldfish that I did this to. They were living in a tank that never had water changes and I put...
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    Important Old Goldfish Stuck At Top Of Tank

    Welcome! Sounds like your fish is having swim bladder problems, and not knowing your water parameters, can only speculate that the cause is due to water quality issues. A ten gallon tank is far too small for one goldfish, much less three, and likely the reason why the other two died. Nitrates...
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    Possibly Wittering About Nothing But...;

    What are you testing with? Redo your parameters and post here. I keep WCs and they explore the entire tank and will sometimes shoal around the top of the tank.
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    Talking To Non Fish People....

    I'm heading out today to get a female pearl gourami for my male. Hopefully I don't see any other fish I "need" while I am there. And yesterday I was talking to my coworker's boyfriend and he asked me if I took advantage of the dpg sale and I told him no and to stop enabling me because I don't...
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    Talking To Non Fish People....

    How long does it take you to do water changes on everything? It takes me between 2-3 hours and that's not even with doing filter maintenance or scrubbing glass or anything. That's just siphoning water and vacuuming gravel/sand.
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    Mystery Snails/bladder Snails.

    I get more attached to my snails as time goes on so if I ever get a puffer it will be hard to feed them to it.
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    Talking To Non Fish People....

    I feel the same way! I always want to talk about my fish and then people are like, "How many tanks do you have????" Awkward stare, judging silence. "Oh, wow, that's a lot of fish tanks. Is there room for anything else in your house?" Room for a few more tanks!!!
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    3 Gallon Nano

    As a previous poster said about water changes I always found a bowl to be helpful in water changes. I just use a largish bowl and dip out enough water to change and then replace. Many people also use just the siphon tubing so as to not suck up the fish. Either way works. I just like using a bowl...
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    Hi I'm Mac! Very New To Fishkeeping And Experiencing My First Power Outage With An Aquarium.

    When we have hurricanes, I use a deep cycle marine battery hooked to a power inverter and plug my filters into this. I also plug the filter into a timer and set the timer to come on every few hours. Then I just recharge the battery as needed from the generator. I have many tanks so this seems to...
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    Help Lots Of Nitrates But Plants Die

    That is interesting to know. I wonder now if others have had the same experience. I should get a new kit and see if the results are different...hmmm.
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    Birthday Tank

    I need a new tank!!!! Ughhhh all these pics of tanks make me want one. You need to post pictures with the puffer when you add it!

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