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    Squirt's plants!

    Looks great!
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    Such a beautiful pair!
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    Look who arrived!

    Love his colors and finnage!
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    My newest addition

    Aww, so glad he made it through the rough journey!
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    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

    Definitely a couple of beauties! Congrats.
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    What a beauty and full of betta energy!
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    New friend named Beau and some questions

    Congrats on saving that beautiful betta! If you can get vitachem, garlic guard and/or fish protector you can add those daily to his tank to boost his system. Look for a product called rid-fungus to have on hand if he gets a fungus in the future. It's organic, herbal and safe to use, even...
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    New boys

    Beautiful Bettas!
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    Getting worried already

    I'd definitely recommend thawed, frozen food for Bettas. Dry food, particularly flakes can cause constipation issues and they really love bloodworms.
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    Shredded fins.

    If you suspect fin rot, I'd recommend the combination of triple sulfa and rid-fungus to deal with both causes of fin rot. Vita-chem and Fish Protector are both good for helping with fin regrowth.
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    Mixing molly fry with my betta fry

    If you have fish protector, that's great to help with transporting fish.
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    What Would You Do

    Welcome to Fishlore.
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    A life saved. . . just!

    I'd report that shop and that heartless person to the authorities.. the place should be closed and she should be thrown in prison. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to treat tumors in bettas. We've had a few with those who lived a happy life for over a year.
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    5 Gallon Tank Guys I have a problem.. i think

    They build nests for a variety of reasons, we had one who would bubble nest whenever a rainstorm was coming.
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    Boyfriend for Pandora

    She's a beauty!
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    Help Water for betta

    I'd not recommend a UGF with Bettas since they like to sleep on the substrate, or have a thick layer of substrate.
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    Controversial Filter Question...

    I'd probably keep a closer eye on water parameters if going without a filter.
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    Gone in the night. . .

    Aww, so sorry you lost him. :'( How's Protesilaus doing?
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    A betta Myth Collection

    She's a beauty!
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    Question New 10g tank

    Welcome to fishlore and best of luck with yor betta when the tank is cycled. I'd definitely not put tetras in with a betta. If you can find java moss or similar plants, or plants with big broad leaves, bettas like those.

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