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  1. MissNoodle

    Building homemade decor?

    You can use rocks (test with vinegar first. If they bubble they're no good), baked driftwood, plastic fake plants... aquarium sealant to hold it together. PVC pipe, gravel, etc.
  2. MissNoodle

    Unknown insect is attacking my pond snails

    Dragonfly nymph and it will eat your fish too. Best catch it, remove it, and put it outside in a local pond.
  3. MissNoodle

    My platies

    These guys can be shy (adults) or just plain too active (the youngsters) but i at least got some nice photos to share. I have an adult male named Rocket in my 46g with 2 youngsters (he is unrelated). One of those youngsters is female and is going to live with my coworker once my tank is all...
  4. MissNoodle

    Question Ammonia and pH alert product: does it actually work???

    Ive been recommended by a friend to get one to just watch for issues in between changes and testing, even with the master kit. Ive no personal experience with it though as its on my long to-do list
  5. MissNoodle

    Making gravel safer for kuhlis with leaf litter?

    It would *help* but wont necessarily prevent anything. Mostly because theyd still go UNDER your leaf litter and rest on the gravel anyways (mine are always under the leaves, they go nuts for them, so i recommend them regardless of sand or such) What might be a compromise is remove half the...
  6. MissNoodle

    Is this a tumor?

    But what is the growth, if its not a tumor then? Ive not seen something like this on a fish before so im lost. She isn't even acting off. Not breathing heavy, not flashing, just being a normal skirt tetra. So it doesnt seem to be bothering her.
  7. MissNoodle

    Is this a tumor?

    Ive had it turned up due to ich, which cleared but then a new fish added ended up getting it and now its back up again. But i do prefer it lower at the 75-77 range. Its just the temp its been since dealing with ich over the last 2 months in this tank. (Using meds, i cant get the heat any higher...
  8. MissNoodle

    Is this a tumor?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20g How long has the tank been running? Filter established almost a year, just upgraded the glass a few months back? Does it have a filter? Yes, Aquaclear 50 hacked HOB and DIY sponge Does...
  9. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    Except no teeth as theyre a sucker fish like a pleco, theyre docile, and nearly totally vegetarian. Despite reaching up to 9 inches, they can be kept in smaller tanks due to lower activity levels apparently, but my boy is pretty active as it is in a 46g. The smallest is a 20g for them, which i...
  10. MissNoodle

    Nephew's 29 gallon jungle

    Gonna look fantastic, and excellent choice of fish. Platies are awesome, and a sailfin molly... ugh i love them!
  11. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    You could add a bristlenose, clown, snowball, etc to your existing 75g depending what you already have. But common pleco need over 200g i think or more. Let me introduce an oddity related to plecos... needs temps 75-80F and must have algae and vegetables fed, but... a farlowella is a neat...
  12. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    Yesss lol my husband is the same. "It started with us getting a 10g tank for our son and now you've turned it into a million dollar investment!" My husband when i joked about another tank. But fishkeeping is so good for mental health, ill look at it as investing in home therapy at my own...
  13. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    Theyd be right at home in there with those golden dojos!!! Lol theyre temperature compatible... add in some odessa barbs for a top swimmer, some zebra danios, some platies... you got yourself a nice set up for a tank that size :D
  14. MissNoodle

    Tried out homemade food

    About 1 1/2 cup of all the solid foods together, half cup water. Thrown into a food processor until made into a puree. Then cooked on med heat for about 10min, then added the Knox gelatine packet with its directions. For solids: 1 small zucchini A handful of spinach About 3" chunk of broccoli...
  15. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    Its still not ideal to keep fish at the highest of their range or the lowest as it still can stress them and affect their lifespan. The 20" may be too cramped for 10 peppers as theyre a larger cory, so id keep them where theyre at and lower to 78F for now. (Also keeping bettas comes down to...
  16. MissNoodle

    Funny New baby panda!

    What a great find!
  17. MissNoodle

    Pepper cory’s are adorable!

    Theyre very cute! As a staple for cories i feed wardley catfish shrimp pellets. I usually feed about 3-4 pellets daily for the group. However i notice you have angels in this tank. Angels need temps around 80F which is too warm for peppered cories who need cooler water (between 60-77F, wild...
  18. MissNoodle

    What kind of loach is this?

    Yeah if theyre golden dojos, id cancel that order. They need a much, much larger tank as they can get up to a foot long and need colder water than kuhlis do. Theyre not the same species and wont group together.
  19. MissNoodle

    Tried out homemade food

    Made my own gel food, using gelatine, mealworms, zucchini, broccoli, garlic, and spinach. I had too many mealworms, so this was perfect to use the excess. About 300 mealworms went into this batch. Fish approve i think
  20. MissNoodle

    Question Strange Growth on Cory

    I would start doing some heavy water changes and dose with Seachem Prime. I suspect you may have some bacterial infections with the cories, and possibly also an ammonia spike with adding new fish. The prime and water changes will handle the ammonia, and also keep the water much cleaner to help...

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