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    Is this a tumor?

    My guess is the growth is some type of Iridovirus. Something like a fish wart. Sometimes the growth will eventually disappear, other times the viral tumor grows until it physically debilitates the fish. There's no real cure. The good news is fish viruses in general aren't all that contagious...
  2. A201

    Rock Pile Fry Sanctuary

    Here's a pic of one of my tanks w/ rock pile hardscape.
  3. A201

    Plec dead - Strange circumstances

    Looks like a Bacterial pit / ulcer. Not too common. Really no viable treatment. My guess is most fish die before the crater developes.
  4. A201

    Help Does my fish have a parasite

    A fish infected with parasites usually go on a hunger strike. The Danio might just be genetically weaker than the rest. As long as he's eating and otherwise acting normally probably no worries.
  5. A201

    Question How to heal ammonia burn? help

    Dose Seachem's StressGuard. Keep on top of your water changes until the tank cycles.
  6. A201

    Flowerhorn? Yes or no?

    Think long & hard before buying a FH. I recently traded in a Red Texas FH. I made an impulse buy, and after 2 yrs. He had grown to 10" with no sign of slowing down. His 65 gal.home was beginning to look cramped. The FH had a full set of teeth & bit me numerous times during WC's. A little...
  7. A201

    Auratus dosent eat

    Might be Malawi Bloat. Mbuna need more of a veggie based flake or pellet, otherwise their gut locks up, which can lead to an intestinal bacterial infection.
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    20 Gallon Tank Sturdy partical board stand

    My 120 gal. Is supported by a partical board stand. It's held up fine for 5 years. Keep it as dry as possible. Wipe off after maintenence. It's likely your stand has been coated with a water resistant stain or paint. I thought my stand was too flimsy until the tank was totally installed. The...
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    Can I use HOB that's been treated with bleach/water/copper sulfate?

    I used Copper Safe in two of my tanks several years ago. I still use the same filters & media today. All fish appear to be healthy & happy.
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    Help Electric blue acaras fighting the glass and hurting each other.

    When you upgrade to the bigger tank, start a colony of EBA. Spreading the aggression between a larger group is one of the better methods of achieving equilibrium.
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    55g African cichlid tank mate ideas! help please

    A solo Yellow Lab would likely be okay. I keep a male Red Empress with my German Red Peacock (virtually the same as the Ruby Red) no unusual aggression problems Red Empress are not wimps but they aren't too aggressive. OB Peacocks tend to be a little on the aggressive side.
  12. A201

    55g African cichlid tank mate ideas! help please

    Thumbs up. Sounds like a good combination. Might add a Taiwan Reef & Red Empress as well. Good to introduce them all together as juveniles in a cycled tank. Try to establish an all male community, things usually work out better that way.
  13. A201

    Royal Pleco.. To Quarantine Or Not? Please Help.

    Try Manzanita wood. It isn't a big tannin leacher, It might take a week or two to sink.
  14. A201

    What fish is this?

    Looks like OB Peacock Cichlids
  15. A201

    350 Gallon Stocking!

    Please post pics.
  16. A201

    If adding new firemouth ok

    Depending on the size of your tank, Firemouths do better in groups. There's really no way to determine if any bullying between the two FM's will occur.
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    Cartridge change?

    The bacteria should survive as long as the cartridge remains wet and is exposed to a current. Be sure to keep the pump running.
  18. A201

    Cartridge change?

    Rub the fiber mesh side of the cartridge with the palm of your hand, in a bucket of used tank water. Very gross, but it should temporarily open it up. It would be a good idea to replace the cartridge with a Fluval replacement sponge. You'll never have to buy another cartridge. The sponge will...
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    10 Gallon Tank What do you all think of my new setup??

    Petsmart sells XL aquarium cleaning wire brushes. The brushes have a long plastic handle. They come in a 3-pack and cost about six dollars. I use mine to brush algae off the decor. They work great and you don't have to remove decor to clean.
  20. A201

    10 Gallon Tank What do you all think of my new setup??

    I think you are off to a very good start. Adding a few big rounded rocks & driftwood, you'll have a show tank.

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