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  1. Joshuaharestad

    Red Spot On Goldfish

    Thank you for the comment. I am quite proud of him or her myself. :) The spot looks a little smaller today. It's not raised any more so here's hoping. I treated with anti fungal medication.
  2. Joshuaharestad

    Red Spot On Goldfish

    My favorite goldfish has a sudden red bump that appeared. It honestly has the appearance of a pimple. I checked water conditions. Ammonia 0. Nitrate 20 ppm. Ph 7. Any ideas what it is? I think maybe its just a scrape. Pictures below. Sorry they aren't better he or she never holds still. Still...
  3. Joshuaharestad

    Betta Fin Splitting

    Thanks everyone for your advice. The loach was alone when I got him, but I can rehome him if that's for the best. As for the betta, still about the same, fins look terrible but he's swimming normal. I don't see anything that looks like infection or rot. Knock on wood. I think maybe he tore em...
  4. Joshuaharestad

    Betta Fin Splitting

    Yeah I will probably rehome the khuli. He's tiny at the moment. I will look through the tank to see what he could have cut himself on. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Joshuaharestad

    Betta Fin Splitting

    Had a betta in a cycled tank for about a month. Checked on him today and his fins are splitting. Appetite is normal. Doesn't seem to have any trouble swimming. Crushed coral. 5 gallons. 0 ammonia 20 ppm nitrate 0 Nitrite Ph 7.5 Shares tank with 2 adf. One nerite snail. One khuli loach. No...
  6. Joshuaharestad

    Haku The Magnificent. Ornate Bichir.

    My big ornate. Haku. He's a good passive bichir.
  7. Joshuaharestad

    Newbie Here

    I always like live plants if you can get away with them since they help reduce nitrates plus they aren't as likely to hurt the fish as some of the plastics have been known to do. Good luck with your tanks!!
  8. Joshuaharestad

    Question Adding African Dwarf Frogs With My Betta

    I have 2 adf in with my betta with no issues. Any eggs will get eaten so breeding shouldn't be an issue. My betta leaves the frog food but some eat it so make sure the adf are getting some. And you said you had a low speed filter which is the other thing to watch for. Their little limbs can get...
  9. Joshuaharestad

    Help Additional Stocking For 15 Gallon Fluval Flex With Betta

    I have two african dwarf frogs in with my betta. Not everyone is a fan but they get along. Guppies that aren't too betta like are one option that I haven't tried.
  10. Joshuaharestad

    Question African Dwarf Frog

    They will eat things that fit in their mouths but they are very small. As long as they aren't tiny baby guppies I think they'd be okay. They don't make any noise. And they do seem to be social. I have two and they seem to hang out together quite a bit. Not sure how many, depends on your tank...
  11. Joshuaharestad

    Tall Hairgrass

    I'd bet it would grow roots.
  12. Joshuaharestad

    White Pinprick Bumps

    One of my angel fish has little white pinprick bumps that come and go. They don't seem to cause any distress. No other fish are currently affected. I've heard everything from its a highly contagious terminal illness to its fish warts. Any ideas? Currently she has three near her eye. Previously...
  13. Joshuaharestad

    29 Gallon Tank 20/29 Gallon Fish With Spunk

    Something like an acara perhaps but you'd have to go 29. I have one that has spunk. And is gorgeous too boot.
  14. Joshuaharestad

    29 Gallon Tank 20/29 Gallon Fish With Spunk

    Honestly I know its not as exciting but a single fancy goldfish can be gorgeous. They are smarter than people give them credit for. Way easier than Oscar's.
  15. Joshuaharestad

    Please Help Me, Cycling

    Honestly I'd try finding a cycled tank for the fish. Sell back or donate to a LFS. Some will baby sit. But that fish will be too big for that tank regardless. Sorry to tell you. Then I'd let it cycle and do something else. Or get at least a 29 for one gold fish.
  16. Joshuaharestad

    I Just Euthanized My Fish

    I'm sorry for your loss. I had to euthanize s couple and its not fun. I have a little spot to bury them. In glad your fish was loved.
  17. Joshuaharestad

    Is This Ich Or An Injury Or Something Else?

    Can't tell from the picture but is it fuzzy? May be an infection from a scrape.
  18. Joshuaharestad

    Question Moody Fish

    Oh my yes. My angel fish are actually the least moody. But my bichir and fire eel pout. Occasionally Luna my blue angel decides she's gonna try starting fight. She's the smallest fish in the tank and luckily no one cares. Lol
  19. Joshuaharestad

    Blue Light Mode Affect Plants?

    Its never seemed to affect my plants. I don't think they absorb the blue light but don't quote me on that.

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