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  1. Heron

    Gold gouramis changing colour

    Thanks. I realised that in the picture I sent the dorsal fin does look like a female, it has a long pointed fin however it is bent behind itself in the photo. here is a different photo of the same fish.
  2. Heron

    Gold gouramis changing colour

    I'm pretty sure it's a male. Both my males have changed colour recently but they are different ages. The other one was only bought earlier this year. They have never done this before.
  3. Heron

    Gold gouramis changing colour

    I have 4 gold gouramies in a 120G community tank 2 males and 2 females. I have had one male for 2 1/2 years and he has always been a gold patterned colour much like the females. However recently both my males have darkened so they are yellow and purple patterned. The only thing that has changed...
  4. Heron

    UK, has anyone used

    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Heron

    UK, has anyone used

    I am currently without my car and I would like some more fish and I have gone off my local fish shop as many of the fish I've bought previously were in poor health. I thought I might try buying fish online ( I've never done this before ) . I have looked at the sites of a number of online fish...
  6. Heron

    Getting pretty frustrated

    You seem to be doing everything right, you've just got to be patient now
  7. Heron

    Getting pretty frustrated

    When you started the cycle before adding fish did you feed the bacteria with ammonia? Did you add a bacteria in a bottle product?. A fish in cycle is slower so don't expect it to be quickly fixed. Using prime all the time converts ammonia to a less harmful form but reduces the ammount available...
  8. Heron

    Help Unwell guppies

    If they are bloated it may be dopsy, is there any sign of pineconing? ( Scales sticking out looking like a pinecone ) . Dropsy is a symptom not a cause but is often caused by a bacterial infection. Another cause for bloating could be constipation, this is easy to treat, just starve the fish for...
  9. Heron

    Help Unwell guppies

    Guppies like higher hardness levels but can cope with most water hardness levels as long as they don't change too quickly. If it were me I would try to lower your nitrates with some water changes, 20 is at the top end of the safe zone but I find guppies are prone the high nitrate problems. PH...
  10. Heron

    Help Unwell guppies

    When multiple fish show signs of illness at the same time I would always suspect a water quality issue. Do you have a test kit? If so what are your water parameters. If you don't have one all I could suggest is daily water changes of 30-40 percent to dilute any issues with the water.
  11. Heron

    Hi - new hob problems

    Is your water level high enough in the tank? I am not familiar with this unit but does it need priming? Some filters need to be filled with water first.
  12. Heron

    Feeding baby brine shrimp?

    I have tried to grow bbs a lot and it very rarely works but every now and then I get a few to grow. I feed spirulina after 2 days. I found sea salt from the supermarket better than everything in the fish shop. Also I have a bare airline without a stone to aerate without causing too much...
  13. Heron

    New Here

    With a pH that low the cycling process will be either very slow or stop. I wouldn't recommend pH up as this will give only temporary results. You need to figure out why your pH is so low. Test your tap water pH to see if that's the cause. Did you add anything that lowers pH? eg Driftwood , peat...
  14. Heron

    How many plants does it take

    Probably a lot but I wouldn't get rid of the stone. Plants only produce oxygen during light. At night they remove oxygen from the water and by the morning the level will be low. Although they will produce more oxygen during the day than they use at night so giving a nett production if oxygen you...
  15. Heron

    Question What to feed assassin snails when the pest snails are gone

    My assassin snails ran out of pest snails years ago. I haven't fed them since and they still survive. I assume they are just eating the food the fish leave behind on the substrate. I am feeding that tank with flake, algae wafers and plec pellets so the snails must be eating one of those.
  16. Heron

    Neon Tretra suddenly died

    Sometimes fish just die for no reason and sometimes there is a reason. Your neon may have been stressed by the high pH, neons don't like higher pH. If it was gasping at the surface it may have been short of oxygen, is the tank aerated?. Keep an eye on the other fish and if you see further...
  17. Heron

    Gasping tetras

    Is your internal filter air driven or pump driven? If it's not air driven I would recommend adding an airstone to the tank. Lowering the temp should increase the oxygen capacity of the water a bit. if the problems continue you can get an oxygen test kit for a few quid to see if it's too low.
  18. Heron

    Gasping tetras

    Gasping fish usually mean a lack of oxygen in the water. Do you have plenty of aeration? Is the temp higher than usual? Higher temps mean less oxygen.
  19. Heron

    Question Algae on sponge

    Is this sponge part of your filter media or is it just a diffuser. If it's not part of the filter I would try squeezing it in hot water. I have a sponge on a filter pickup tube in one of my tanks and I do this each week and I am always amazed how much algae comes out. If this doesn't work you...
  20. Heron

    Question Ammonia

    You should aim to add enough ammonia each day to keep the level at about 2.0. I would wait until it drops below 2.0 before adding more then only add enough to return it to 2.0. as for water changes You don't need to bother until your ammonia and nitrates drop to 0 within 24 hours of adding...

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