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  1. JtheFishMan

    Lamprologus Multifasciatus Breeding

    For my guppy fry, I feed them Hikari First Bites powder that sinks to the bottom. Your multi fry seem to be a bit bigger than guppy fry. I also have a few mystery snails and shrimp to eat the leftover food. I don't know if the same goes with multi's, but I would definitely try Hikari First...
  2. JtheFishMan

    Tell All: Cherry Shrimp

    Petco sells Blue Velvet Shrimps, and I have purchased many from them. Cherry Shrimp are one of the hardiest shrimps to keep. They are very vibrant and should be pretty easy to keep. When I had mine, I keep them in a 20 gallon tank with guppies. I fed them bottom feeder pellets, and most of mine...
  3. JtheFishMan

    Runt Platy Fry

    Some fry grow at different rates. As long as your feeding him and have good water parameters, they'll be fine.
  4. JtheFishMan

    Question Substrate Or No Substrate?

    Well, I don;t own goldfish currently, but I love substrate tanks, and not really a big fan of bare bottoms. It's just my opinion.
  5. JtheFishMan

    Pregnant Platy?

    She looks, and most likely is pregnant.
  6. JtheFishMan

    Question Pregnant Platy?

    Boxing off is usually a sign that they are within a few days of delivering. I wouldn't put her in a breeder box, because that usually stresses them out too much, and may cause her to abort them.
  7. JtheFishMan

    Question Pregnant Platy?

    She definitely looks pregnant, and starting to square off.
  8. JtheFishMan

    New To The Forum

  9. JtheFishMan

    Do I Have To Feed Amano Shimp?

    Yes, shrimp eat bio-film from the top of the tank. I would start feeding them boiled green vegetables. In my opinion, that tank is still lightly stocked, with shrimp taking up the minimum space in tanks.
  10. JtheFishMan

    Question 17 Guppy Babies!

    As long as the new tank has enough space, a sponge filter, and you provide enough food, it should be fine.
  11. JtheFishMan

    Endler Hybrid...

    Great looking Endlers!
  12. JtheFishMan

    New 55g African Cichlid Tank

    Beautiful Fish!
  13. JtheFishMan

    Hello, New To The Site And The Forum.

    Welcome! I would love to have a gallon that big! The largest I've ever had was a 20 gallon.
  14. JtheFishMan

    Happy Little Ten Gallon

    Nice Tank!
  15. JtheFishMan

    Want To Buy Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

    Sorry, I meant PetSmart. PetSmart had them in stock, they actually had a lot of them. They were near the reptile section and beside the cricket habitat where people buy feeder crickets.
  16. JtheFishMan

    Want To Buy Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

    I don't know if I would consider this a culture, but I've seen many Petco's around my neighborhood that sell canisters of flightless fruit flies. Depending on where you live you can find a Petco anywhere, at least where I live, but I understand if Petco isn't the most convenient place for you.
  17. JtheFishMan

    Can I Keep Guppies With Crystal Red Shrimp?

    I think guppies and shrimp might be the most compatible combination I can think of. It's going to be so much color in that aquarium!
  18. JtheFishMan

    Good Beginner Setup?

    I really just plastic plants to create a lot of cover and hiding spots for the fry to survive. Some live plants would look cool too!
  19. JtheFishMan

    On My Way To Get My Dream Fish!

    That Phantom Pleco looks so cool!
  20. JtheFishMan

    On My Way To Get My Dream Fish!


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