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    29 Gallon Tank Feeding My Pleco

    Many people have luck with cucumber and zucchini. You should occasionally offer your otos some type of aufwuchs food like soilent green by repashy. They are not strictly herbivores.
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    Save My Plants?

    Looks like high heat melted plants, which lowered their ability to fight algae. Should start to turn back around after the heat ends
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    Fluval 3.0 Pro And Auto Mode Light Settings

    Dude just made an account to say thanks lol. I watch quite a few things from bentley as he has some good nuggets of advice on various breeding projects and care for some fish.
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    125g Clown Loach Restocking Gameplan

    Nothing new with my tanks other than new plants. I've got my co2 dialed in for the most part and my 10 reds and 10 australian rainbows are doing well. Everything is just chugging along nicely. Somehow even my 5 bloodfin tetras are doing well. I've been getting an itch so I've kicked around the...
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    Help I Might Give Up On Keeping Plants Because Nothing Seems To Help..

    If that is wisteria (hygrophila difformis) you may want to back down lighting intensity a bit. I didnt get mine that spindly even with 4 fluval 3.0s on a 180 gallon. That indicates a very high par value. That could be your problem. There is a limit still on the amount of light you can use during...
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    Made Some Loach Caves

    If you want them to look like wood, you can take a dremel to scuff them up and make lines to look like wood. Pop them in the oven on the lowest setting until they start to sag a bit, then pull them out and keep pressure on them until they cool a bit and get super hard. Then just hit them with...
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    Leaf Zone, Seachem Flourish Or Flourish Excel?

    Colin G. The website is nilocgaquatics. His username on a lot of forums was nilocg so he kept that when starting his business.
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    Help My Biohome Came In

    Off the charts isn't really off the charts. I have like 16 drops gh and 18 kh usually. It's not a good or bad thing. Most fish adapt easily to high kh, not the other way around. Gh is kind of like tds, not very useful unless you know exactly what the makeup is. I would not be worried in the least.
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    Funny Got A Good Laugh While Calling Some Stores :)

    I suspect both are the same shrimp. I've seen wholesalers label things in an odd way and I'm not sure why. My otocinclus on the invoice are always labeled "algae eater --- oto" despite the fact that there are plenty of oto species. Part of the reason I cheer when some wholesalers go out of business.
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    New Tank, No Fish, Live Plants

    What fish? Different wavelengths do different things. Often just red light will make a school huddle together and sleep.
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    10 Gallon Aquarium Cycle Questions

    Depends on ph and temp. The lower ph and temp, the more of it is ammonium. With that said, .25 ammonia at 76 degrees and a ph of less than 8.0, all but the most sensitive fish will be fine.
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    New Tank, No Fish, Live Plants

    My wife bought me the same ammonia. It's no good for this.
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    Did First Water Change And 3 Of 6 Fish Died

    You can add the prime to the tank right before filling.
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    Electric Shock From Aqueon Pro Heater

    As long as my tank isn't more then half drained, I've never lost siphon. When it does, I just make sure the tank is within a few inches of full and plug the filter back in. It takes a few minutes to fully clear the intake of air, but as long as there is still some water remaining in the motor...
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    Did First Water Change And 3 Of 6 Fish Died

    What's your temp? I doubt it was enough ammonia to actually kill a few fish, but it's possible that it finished them off enough before you added the prime. Especially if they keep getting exposed like this over a long period of time.
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    Help Cleaning Massive Natural Pond

    It will take a bit of research, but it sounds like a perfect candidate for a septic treatment. I dont think most of the rid-x line is safe, but there are a lot of septic products with safe ingredients that help breakdown waste. Some people have used them in larger freshwater tanks, but I think...
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    Any Rainbows Ideal For A 45g, 36" Long, Tank?

    A small school of threadfins or blue eyes would work. They arent very easy to find locally but they seem to always be in stock online. If you're looking for a variety of the color changing ones, I believe they are all too big to recommend. You could cheat and get some dwarf rainbows, but might...
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    Did First Water Change And 3 Of 6 Fish Died

    It sounds like you added your prime after filling the tank. If that's the case, any ammonia or chlorine in your water would have already done some damage to your fish. Also, do you happen to know your tap ph and tank ph? Water fluctuates a lot from the tap, especially in the summer months. You...
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    Electric Shock From Aqueon Pro Heater

    AC filters have an extremely difficult time self priming but it isn't needed after a power surge. The media part of the filter wont empty all the way even if siphon is completely lost. And there's the other part. As long as water level is above the first tube from the top, it wont lose siphon...
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    10 Gallon Aquarium Cycle Questions

    Yes. When using tss, you typically wont see the nitrite spike. It's the one part of the cycle that tss really excels pretty much every time.

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