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    Hello! Stocking Ideas For 36 Gallon?

    Just to give you an idea of what I have in a 36g tank: 5 yoyo loaches 2 Bolivian rams 10 green tiger barbs This combination works well, in my opinion. The loaches take the bottom part of the tank and can be very active, the barbs are the same way toward the top, and the rams are an understated...
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    Cichlid Suggestions For Tiger Barb Mates

    This response is a bit late, but I have a pair of Bolivians with 10 green tiger barbs in a 36g and they get along fine. They more or less ignore one another.
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    Another update: the krib managed to snack on half a single barb (now I have to worry about what's left of the poor guy decomposing in the tank, but I digress) before I finally got him out by disassembling my entire scape--wood, rocks, and so on. I changed some water and put everything back...
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    For those of you who are curious, I went with 10 green tiger barbs. They're a touch on the small side so I'm concerned about the remaining krib having a large dinner before I'm able to catch and rehome her, but as I observe her, she's exhibiting aggressive and chasing behavior toward the barbs...
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    Single Missing Fish -- Cause For Concern?

    I tested the ammonia this morning and it is at .25 (I use the API master kit and have a very hard time getting a true 0 reading with this kit, so I use .25 as a baseline unless I observe abnormal symptoms in the fish). So I'm assuming the fish was eaten by the angels and is not decomposing, or...
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    Temperature In My Tank Rose

    Since the fast increase in temperature didn't kill them, I'd bring the temp back down very slowly. A quick decrease in temp, after a sudden increase, is going to only stress them out more.
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    Single Missing Fish -- Cause For Concern?

    Hey all, So one of my nine forktail rainbows (very small, approximately .5-1") has gone missing. I last noticed him hanging out by the top of the tank near the heater a couple days ago, looking listless and uninvolved with the school. I haven't seen him since. I've checked the bottom of the...
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    Blackskirts are a very good idea, thanks.
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    Thanks again! I do think it was probably more play than true aggression with the rainbows, but it definitely scared them to the point that they were very uncomfortable in the tank. Cichlids seem to be better able to brush aside the loaches' hyperactivity and just swim away.
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    Loachland, thanks for your comment. I agree with the concern about long fins; perhaps the shorter finned variety of angelfish would work (leopoldi, I think). Pencilfish would be a wonderful addition to the tank, now that I think about it. Perhaps 8-10 pencilfish and a single larger cichlid...
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    Rams And Guppies

    I don't think it'll be a problem. I've never seen a hint of aggression from my rams toward my young dwarf rainbows, which are smaller than most guppies.
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    Help Me Round Out My 36g Loach And Cichlid Tank?

    Hey all, I was able to successfully rehome two of the three yellow rock kribensis (apparently these are actually a type of hap, but I digress) and now have the following stock in my 36g bowfront: 5 yoyo loaches, 2 fully grown, 3 adolescent (around 2-3" each) 2 Bolivian rams (not paired, but...
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    Fish Recommendations To Add With Large Angelfish?

    I second the dwarf rainbow idea. A German Blue Ram pair would work too. Cories or other small bottom dwellers as well.
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    Any Info On Porthole Cats?

    Minimal aggression, pretty active, and enjoy exploring the midlevels of the tank and resting on plants. I have 5 (4 dianema longibarbis, 1 "flagtail" porthole, which is a close variant, though a bit bigger--they all swim together) in a 45g and it has worked out nicely. Albeit, they are the only...
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    German Blue Ram With Tetra?

    GBRs really do seem healthier at 82+. Bolivians would be ideal for your tank.
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    Upgrade To 40g On A Budget

    I wouldn't chance a TV stand with an aquarium weighing 400-500 pounds, even for some short-term savings. You'll pay much more if your tank or stand breaks. So let's factor in a stand as well: - Tank & Stand, likely $200. (I purchased a 45g tall tank with stand, hood, and light for $200 from...
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    Filter Media Dunked In Tank

    Hey all. I had a bit of a "d'oh" moment this morning and dunked my filter media in the tank itself rather than the bucket of tank water I had just removed (a reminder not to do water changes before caffeinating, I suppose). Did I do anything that will cause any harm or require any long-term care...
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    Berdmorei Loach Pics

    I agree with Aileen's post above that while yoyos are respectful of other fish, they are territorial and interject themselves into any and all reaches of the tank regardless of what the other fish around them are doing. I had to move rainbows out of my loach tank due to that behavior. Now they...
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    Black Water For Purely Aesthetic Purposes?

    For those of you curious about how my tank is looking: The large piece of driftwood is almost ready to fully sink; when it does I will be shifting it to the left behind the piece of red rock.
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    Black Water For Purely Aesthetic Purposes?

    Is there any downside to adding almond leaves and alder cones to a relatively high ph tank to simulate a blackwater tank aesthetically?

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