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  1. Pat93

    29 Gallon Tank Ammonia Spikes

    If you don’t have any nitrate than your tank is definently not cycled, I would suggest waterchanges and prime water conditioner at up to 4x the dosage depending on the amount of ammonia and nitrite in your water Prime detoxifies nitrite and ammonia so you should be able to cycle your tank with...
  2. Pat93

    Making My Tank Suitable For Shrimp, 5 Gallons

    I would love to have zero nitrates in all my tanks as well but I haven’t quite figured it out yet, I was really just letting you know that my little dudes are doing ok even with up to 40 nitrates. And breeding even though I pay literally no attention to gh or kh or temp. Extra plants can help...
  3. Pat93

    Making My Tank Suitable For Shrimp, 5 Gallons

    I have 10 ten gallons currently at 8.2 ph with no heater(they stay 75-80 degrees) I do not know my gh or kh as I have never tested it but I will state that I have very hard well water so it is probably to high for me if anything. But I also feed cuttlebone, and calcium and multivitamin...
  4. Pat93

    20 Gallon Freshwater

    Agreed unless you have a 20 long I wouldn’t suggest a pearl, honeys would be a better fit for a tall I have 1 male pearl and 1 female appisto I keep bladdersnails trumpet snails and mystery snails And 9 Pygmy corydoras. And about 10 young red cherry shrimp that were culls from my breeder tanks...
  5. Pat93

    20 Gallon Freshwater

    I have a 20 long with a pearl gourami and appisto cockatuoides that I really like because their colors match. It’s also has shrimp snails and Pygmy corydoras
  6. Pat93

    40 Gallon Fish Ideas?!

    Beginner friendly suggestion -Any big ole gourami -Corydoras on the bottom, maybe even a few different species -pick your favorite flavor of tetra( though I suggest white clouds because they are bulletproof) -shrimp and snails Or Intermediate suggestion -dwarf cichlid breeder 1male and a ****...
  7. Pat93

    Snails Appearing In Aquarium

    Yes they probably came from the plants. The pointy one is a trumpet snail and the rounder one looks kinda like a bladder snail but I’m not certain. And I also am not certain of the third snail pictured Both reproduce asexually so it only takes one to get a whole group going in your aquarium. I...
  8. Pat93

    Making Water Suitable For Shrimp.

    I have bred Neocaridina Davidi at 8.2 ph I even have video proof if you need it lol Not sure on my Gh or kh but I supplemented them with cuttlebone and shrimp pellets with calcium and multivitamins as well I have pretty hard well water though Also with trace amounts of ammonia and I have had...
  9. Pat93

    Important Extremely Sick Pleco

    I would highly suggest filling out the emergency template in the fish and invertebrate disease section of the forum if you can’t find it post here and I will copy paste it for you when I get home Until then I always suggest waterchanges as a first resort if you don’t know what your dealing with yet
  10. Pat93

    Shrimp Pellet Question

    No there should be plenty of aggression already according to the internet XD I have one albino bristlenose with some shrimp in a 30 g And haven’t seen him do anything to the shrimp and they are often right next to him. He does startle them when he moves though and plecos like their space so...
  11. Pat93

    Seriously Need Ph Answers

    My suggestions are as follows -Mix your tap water with another water source to achieve the Ph that you want. This will get you your water for water changes without the need for messing around with Lowering the alkalinity move the ph and then again raise alkalinity to ensure the ph you had moved...
  12. Pat93

    Betta Nipping His Own Tail

    I don’t really know if my advice will be helpful because you are doing everything I would except I wouldn’t put in nerite snails because I’d be afraid he would hurt them but your betta seems more concerned with hurting himself. Perhaps increase his feeding? But if you are already on a steady...
  13. Pat93

    Bubble Wall As Aquarium Aerator?

    Cool I was just checking lol. Small tanks can be perfectly acceptable with the correct planting,water conditions, and water change schedules. If your friend oversees that many tanks he/she probably knows those things and is advising you properly, just make sure to follow his/her advice on those...
  14. Pat93

    Paragard Reaction

    I use ich -x for ich and it works great, never had a problem using it with my corys or any fish at all for that matter, even pufferfish. ParaGuard is awesome if you don’t know what your treating for but want to help out a little, you can even leave the carbon in your filter with paragaurd...
  15. Pat93

    Bubble Wall As Aquarium Aerator?

    A bubble wall in a three gallon tank will swirl the water around to much. Do whatever you want though your obviously going to anyway.
  16. Pat93

    I Have Recently Set Up A 5 Gallon Aquascape (no Filters Or Heaters)

    As I said I’m not really positive as to why you want to get rid of the snails in the first place, or how the snails got the tank initially so I can’t really help you further in going about getting rid of them until I have that info. If you don’t have a filter, isn’t the tanks ecosystem supposed...
  17. Pat93

    Is This Fish Suffering From Shock? If So How Can I Treat It?

    glad to hear he is doing better. In my opinion Fin damage should only be a concern when it is not getting better, if the fork gets worse then you should be partially concerned, and take steps to improve the water conditions or treat for a bacterial infection. However when fins are healing they...
  18. Pat93

    Help Fish Tb Mistake?

    My mistake I thought you meant some form of treatment in which you add vinegar directly to the tank water, soaks in pretty much anything are fine as long as you let the items dry decently and rinse them with dechlorinated water well enough
  19. Pat93

    Is This Fish Suffering From Shock? If So How Can I Treat It?

    If it’s is a temperature problem it is important to not act suddenly and any changes you make from here on out should be gradual. When you have a fish showing symptoms of anything if you move it at all it should be to quarantine otherwise just leave it in and treat the whole tank because any...
  20. Pat93

    Help Fish Tb Mistake?

    I would research that heavily, at first glance it looks like a good way to make you ph drop faster than my popularity in high school when I got that weird haircut.

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