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  1. Seasoldier

    Lone nerite had babies

    Hi & welcome, as said above those aren't nerites, probably MTS or bladder snails & they will breed.
  2. Seasoldier

    Tank mates

    Only about 60% stocked (less if the 4 in QT don't make it back) so depends on what you want to add, you could go for a couple of dwarf gourami or something like a group of celestial pearl danios, what are you looking for centre piece fish or another school of fish? What filtration are you running?
  3. Seasoldier

    Help Oil On Water Surface?

    Hi, I have 5 x 3 spot (golden) gourami in my tank & like your betta they're air breathers so while the oily film is not generally an issue unless the surface agitation is not good which could lead to poor dissolved oxygen levels it's not in my opinion good for fish with labyrinth organs so I...
  4. Seasoldier

    Tank mates

    Hi, nice looking tank you have there, need a bit more info for anyone to be able to advise like tank Temperature & water parameters, wouldn't want to suggest anything that wouldn't fit in.
  5. Seasoldier

    All but a disaster

    What sort of plants & how are they moving? if they're rooted plants the roots should help stabilise the substrate.
  6. Seasoldier

    All but a disaster

    Hmm, 3 spot gourami will root through the sand so if it's not thick enough they could be mixing it & bringing the soil up, what's your water flow like? Do you have any downward flow which could be disturbing the bottom or an airstone?
  7. Seasoldier

    All but a disaster

    Hi, what fish do you have which are disturbing the substrate? Agree with above, you'll need a thicker cap of sand or maybe try a very fine pea gravel???
  8. Seasoldier

    Female Bosemani Body Looks Like An "s"

    Hi, if it's fine other than the curve it may be a genetic defect???
  9. Seasoldier

    Advice On Tank Size

    Hi & welcome, when I got my last tank I went for 5' long x 18" depth x 2' high & I now wish I'd gone the other way with 2' depth & 18" high as with the tank sat on a cabinet the 2' height makes it difficult to do any planting or maintenance on the bottom area even with long tools & me on top of...
  10. Seasoldier

    What Is This Fish? Slow Grower

    Hi & welcome, I'm no expert on L Malawi cichlids but it looks like what it was sold as to me. It's colour is really washed out though for some reason, have you tried a change of diet?
  11. Seasoldier

    Sad Thing Has Happened

    It's a shame you have to rehome your fish especially that Ram it's beautiful, but don't get too down, next year will soon be here & you can use the time to research, plan & to start gathering what you need for your new setup & before you know it you'll be putting it all together in your new home.
  12. Seasoldier

    Lfs Fish Not Good - Suggestions For Fish Source?

    Hi, have you looked online to see if there are any fish clubs around your area? You might be able to find some local breeders.
  13. Seasoldier

    Accidentally Got Aquarium Water In My Mouth

    You'll be fine, it was just a joke don't worry, over the 25 years or so that I've been keeping fish I must have swallowed at least a gallon of tank water & I'm still standing at 64.
  14. Seasoldier

    Accidentally Got Aquarium Water In My Mouth

    Yes but fish pee & poop in the water, just sayin ;):vomit:
  15. Seasoldier

    Newbie 75 Gallon

    Hi, 20g long seems a bit of a waste for a QT tank, just sayin ;)
  16. Seasoldier

    Help My Glofish Danio Is Swimming Weirdly

    Hi, probably nothing to worry about, keep your water really clean & parameters good it it will probably heal by itself.
  17. Seasoldier

    Please Help! Alien In Tank! No Clue What It Is.

    I've seen them take large tadpoles in my pond, they're mean little critters especially the dragonflies, damselflies aren't quite as nasty.
  18. Seasoldier

    Please Help! Alien In Tank! No Clue What It Is.

    I don't think they're bad at all, in their adult form they're strikingly beautiful but their larvae are predators & will take small fish & shrimp, see if you can get a close up look at it, does it have a mean set of jaws?
  19. Seasoldier

    Please Help! Alien In Tank! No Clue What It Is.

    Hi, definitely looks like some sort of insect larvae, too big to be mosquito I think, more likely damsel or dragon fly.
  20. Seasoldier

    Small Tank Uses

    Hi, the only thing I could think of using it for would be a shrimp / snail tank, I wouldn't even consider putting fish of any type into it unless you used as a grow on tank for fry???

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