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  1. Noroomforshoe

    30 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

    Is it a 30 long or a 30 tall? how many inches is the longest part of the tank? I suggest you get 10 more neons, and 5 more of each corie species.
  2. Noroomforshoe

    Fish sitting at bottom of tank for three weeks

    1. NEVER CLEAN or rinse the bio weel!, the bio-wheel is housing the good bacteria that cycle your tank. If the bio-wheel is dirty with detritus, you can rub it down with a papper towel, you can shake it in old tank water. But when you rinsed it in tank water, chlorine would have killed the...
  3. Noroomforshoe

    Betta Died After Week Of Water Conditioning

    What do you mean by cycling the tank once a week? you dont cycle a tank once a week thats not how it works? I am very curious to know what you were doing! Next time, do not use bettafix or mellafix products with bettas or other anabantoid fish "cories, bettas, gourami, paradise fish..." It...
  4. Noroomforshoe

    Tetra Schooling Behavior

    If you were to restock in the future, consider keeping fewer species so that you can keep larger schools of the fish you have. the bare minimum of 6, is a very small number as far as fish schools go. and sooner or later, one or more will die and if you only had the bare minimum, you now have...
  5. Noroomforshoe

    Switching Water Conditioners

    Just throw the other one out and use prime instead. It takes 2 eye dropper drops to treat a gallon of water. It is safe to add more then you need, so if you change half a gallon of water, just add 2 drops.
  6. Noroomforshoe

    How Do I How To Disinfect Aquarium Equipment? (for Example, Siphon)

    bleach is very safe when used right. bleach leaves no residue, no chemical, nothing behind. You use a one part bleach to 10 parts water solution, you don't soak anything more than 15 minutes, you rinse well with hot water, you let it dry completely to remove chlorine. Or rinse in water that...
  7. Noroomforshoe

    Lighting And Fertilizer For Anacharis Plant?

    1 agree that a larger tank is easier and more rewarding. But you can have live plants in a 5 gallon. You need some decoration for your fish to hide behind or in. If you are still wondering, all I did was ties an anacharis to a piece of driftwood, the roots have become a large mass, and the...
  8. Noroomforshoe

    Any Good? Top Fin Bacteria

    No No, it is not too late to add somthing else. I recomende grocerystore shrimp in a nylon stocking over any so called bacteria in a bottle. Have can live bacteria survive on a shelf in a botle? Ammonia in a bottle can work though.
  9. Noroomforshoe

    Baby Fish And A Small Community Tank?

    And the mollies, swords, and platies look so similar, I think you just have to wait. Luckily they all have similar care requirements. But YeY for free fish!
  10. Noroomforshoe

    Question Water Tester Question

    You don't need a ton of chemicals, cycling takes patience. Is your tap water at 7.8 ph? If not, then when your tank is cycled, it will probably settle at the same ph as the tap water. The majority of freshwater fish will thrive at 7.8 you need to slowly acclimate all fish for 60 - 90 minutes...
  11. Noroomforshoe

    Glass Surfing - Do I Have A Problem?

    I think you have room for your 9 rasbora and possisbly a betta fish, but nothing else. Your fish may be stressed at the moment, the tank may not be completly cycled, please make sure it is, and then add prime.
  12. Noroomforshoe

    Question Water Tester Question

    Through The side with API, Through The top with Salifert tests. Make sure you are in a a well lit room. near a white wall or somthing to determine that the lighting is proper. if the wall/papper ect. is white, then you know that the other colors are fairly accurate. You put the cap on and...
  13. Noroomforshoe

    Lighting And Fertilizer For Anacharis Plant?

    Anacharis is one of the easy plants, it should not require any more fertalizer then the normal waste in the tank, and the lights you already have should be fine, I am a plant killepartlt because i opt for lightbulbs that are less bright then the normal floresxent lights that come with the hood...
  14. Noroomforshoe

    1 Gallon Tank Beginner Mistakes

    Just want to add, Your Ph is fine. The only thing is to always carefully and slowly acclimate your fish to the water, which you should do no matter what the ph is, but it becomes more important if your Ph is different the the ph of the tank they were in at the store. so take 60-90 minites to...
  15. Noroomforshoe

    1 Gallon Tank Beginner Mistakes

    Your 1 gallon tank may not ever cycle. But even if it did, you still don't want a lot of decaying food waste and poo in your tank. You use a tiny tube to vacuum a one gallon tank, and you remove a very small percent of the waste each time. Even in a larger tank, more gravel is just more...
  16. Noroomforshoe

    1 Gallon Tank Beginner Mistakes

    I suggest you remove the plastic plants, he can easily tear his fins on them. I might even remove the castle, he needs a swimming room. You should consider removing all or most of the gravel. It is trapping waste that will be near impossible to remove with water changes in such a small tank...
  17. Noroomforshoe

    Baby Fish And A Small Community Tank?

    Did you notice what fish were in the tank that might have given birth to the fry? My guess would be platies or swordtails, I cant tell the size of the fry, but some bettas, being carnivours, will eat small fish. you could propobly keep a few same sex platies in the ten gallon. Swordtails...
  18. Noroomforshoe

    Stocking 36 Gallon Bow Front.

    what about the setup concerns you? I would bring the temp down to 78. I would add 4-5 more of each corie species. I personally would not add gourami with the rams that you have. I think you have room for one more school of fish, maybe 6 = Turquoise rainbow fish, or celebes rainbows, or...
  19. Noroomforshoe

    Question Cycling Starter Tank To Seed Larger Tank?

    This can work, I dont have all the answers, but - The healthy bacteria do not care what company makes the filter cartridge. Healthy bacteria will develop on anything well aerated and porous in a tank with a filter and ammonia. The trick is adding things that can fit into the new filter. Any...
  20. Noroomforshoe

    Api Algea Remover Killing Fish???

    I dont use apI anything anymore, they sell to many snake oil products. I would never recomend adding a chemical to your tank that you dont absolutly need. The less chemicals they better. And I do not recomend adding chemicals that kill things. how can you kill algae, a healthy plant, without...

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