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  1. Benfreshwater

    Help I Don't Want To Give Up On Him/her.. Any Advice!?

    I suggest rehoming my kids on frequent occasions but my other half is reluctant to do so as they are great at cleaning the house and they are trained in fetching me beer from the frigde so I suppose they have their uses haha
  2. Benfreshwater

    Question Can I Have More Fish?

    Aquadvisor is great for a rough Idea but I wouldn't use it as a rule... You can in my eyes slightly "overstock a tank" with the correct amount of frequent water changes, knowledge of what your dealing with and precautions. Especially if it is well planted as that helps with the water parameters
  3. Benfreshwater

    Cichlids, Derby Uk

    I know a shop in Derby that might be interested in taking them of your hands of you want to try there. It is in Normanton
  4. Benfreshwater

    Small Tank Uses

    I have a small tank like the one you describe but it has no filter just a plain glass tank so I would have to put a filter into it taking up even more space!!... Only idea i have ever had is like Seasoldier says I was going to use it for a shrimp tank. Never done anything with it though it's...
  5. Benfreshwater

    New Here.

    Welcome. Beautiful looking tank you have there! Love the scaping with the rocks you've done
  6. Benfreshwater

    Hello :) New To The Website And Slightly New To Aquariums

    Welcome to the forum. Always wanted to keep crayfish they are so interesting! Definitely on my list of things to do for the future.
  7. Benfreshwater

    Help Spider In My Fishtank

    I have had really bad experience with pets at home on numerous occasions I would go to another more dedicated aquarium shop if there is one locally to you... A lot of garden centres have them and there a lot more trust worthy than pets at home... (in my opinion)
  8. Benfreshwater

    Hello All, New Member

    Hello and welcome. Any pictures of your aquariums would be greeted with great interest. We all love a nosey at other people's ideas and setups.
  9. Benfreshwater

    Immortal Crab

    Makes me want a crab even more than I already did.... Just because they sound so cool!!!
  10. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    Great explanation and really interesting to read but that's way over my capabilities of knowledge! I get what you mean though thank you. She's still beautiful regardless though haha
  11. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    The master strikes again. I'll write that down for future reference... So just not a "commonly seen BN".....
  12. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    She's a special one then. . . . . . . One of a kind.. worth millions... Haha
  13. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    I've just done the same thing with no results also. So now your all making me wonder what I have ha
  14. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    Just a darn pretty one!!!!
  15. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    There's a side view chewing a cucumber last night
  16. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    It's definitely the same as the rest of the pictures. I only have one in the tank (I am aware of) haha so go knows. Sure is beautiful though!! Haha
  17. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    Doubldutch could you do it? I am useless when it comes to linking stuff... I'll try load the picture here again
  18. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    The photo I posted before was terrible so not a biggy... it's not easy to look at a photo and be %100. I'd love to know what it is though if there's any guesses if not a BN....
  19. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    I'm not sure how to link a thread? If you search Pleco identified... It was a absolutely terrible photo I posted but at the time it was the best I could get without it running to hide behind the filter. It's a lot less scared now. This is the photo from on the thread
  20. Benfreshwater

    PLECOS!! share yours

    Also on another post I put this pleco on a few days ago you indentified it as a BN from a different picture I put up.. I wasn't able to get any better pictures until recently because it was so camera shy

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