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  1. e_watson09

    5 Gallon Tank Good Heater?

    One of the biggest issues you will find with heaters for small tanks is they are often preset. You'll want an adjustable one as bettas like warmer water. I don't remember the brand of mine I'll have to check
  2. e_watson09

    Fish Is Acting Strange

    I agree we need to know the water parameters. In my opinion it sounds like a water quality issue but we'd need to know more information to know for sure!
  3. e_watson09

    Bought A Betta With Fin Rot. Please Help.

    I got a cheap sponge filter on ebay, just make sure to check the dimensions to make sure it'll fit in your tank nicely. Some are bigger than others. As for the almond leaf, I use indian almond leaves in all of my betta tanks, especially if they're healing or anything. I rarely focus on my pH...
  4. e_watson09

    Bought A Betta With Fin Rot. Please Help.

    First thing I am going to recommend is focus on ONE medication at a time. Doing multiple can really stress out the fish which can make matters worst. I would stop using the aquarium salt, personally I think its not effective for anything. I would get him at least a sponge filter going. Daily...
  5. e_watson09

    20 Gallon Tank Can I Add Anything Else?

    Is this a 20g Long or standard? If it is a long I believe you have more space for a couple more fish or shrimp, if it is a standard I would say you're pretty stocked.
  6. e_watson09

    Breeding Bettas

    Personally I wouldn't look for pet store bettas to breed. Most of the females there are not good quality and you really don't know what kind of genetics you're getting. If you want to get into breeding I'd look into getting a pair from a good breeder or possibly importing them. Pet store bettas...
  7. e_watson09

    Breeding Bettas

    I would researching breeding as much as you can in the sticky threads. I have also found YouTube to be super helpful. There is a lot of risk in breeding so make sure you understand all of the risks. Where did you get these guys? Can you try to contact the breeder to see if they have any good...
  8. e_watson09

    Please Id This Fish

    The video in the bag makes it look really warped, my first guess is a ram but it could be another ciclid for sure. I am not the best at identifying juveniles but this was my first guess based on the video provided.
  9. e_watson09

    Will This Hold A 105 Litre Tank?

    Is it a particle board desk or real wood? So water weighs about 8lbs a gallon. Your tank is roughly 28g which means your tank will weigh around 224lbs when its full. If its wood, I'd probably put it on the side with the drawers so it has more support rather than the side its on now.
  10. e_watson09

    Help Hobby Reboot

    I do agree with the above poster, hi tech tanks require a LOT of maintenance and work. If its not something you are already motivated I wouldn't jump in too deep. What I would do however is get the tank and start slow with the plants and make sure you are really interested! There are many good...
  11. e_watson09

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Plan Alright?

    Personally, I'd only do 1 school of tetras. Two schools will be using the same space in the tank meaning it'll be over crowded in that area trying to support two schools. I'd probably up one of your schools to like 15 then do a couple centerpiece type fish
  12. e_watson09

    Please Id This Fish

    Hard to tell in the video it looks like an electric blue ram to me
  13. e_watson09

    Pleco Disease: White Patches And Black Spots

    Can you post your water parameters? My guess is injury as well, what size tank is this and what kind of plecos are they?
  14. e_watson09

    Bettas Fins Are Looking Dull..normal?

    His fins look significantly shorter which is a concern for me, I can see in the first picture he had some tears in his fins which makes me suspect that it could be a fin rot issue. Fin rot can be caused by a lot of things but often the way to resolve the issue is a good fin rot medication and...
  15. e_watson09

    Possibly Sick Betta

    Do you know what your water parameters are? My first worry is water quality. Second would be illness, does he have any visible signs of illness tho? Bloated, slime coat, cloudy eyes, etc?
  16. e_watson09

    Back Again!

    Gorgeous! Welcome back!
  17. e_watson09

    My Kid Wants A Betta For His Birthday

    My kids have a bigger problem with feeding too often versus not wanting to feed. Now water changes I handle on my own. The kids "help" but not really haha! The good thing about a betta is you can get a smaller 5g tank so it really would only take maybe 5-10min per water change
  18. e_watson09

    Help Wound On Betta Fish, Acting Lethargic

    Hello! It looks like you got a ton of information already, I used Furan-2 on one of my guys with success. For the antibiotics you'll want to leave the filter on but take the carbon out. If you have a cartridge filter it has the carbon inside of it. The carbon will remove the medication. I...
  19. e_watson09

    Import Bettas Are Finally Here!!

    Thank you both! I'm huge on the natural planted look too haha! I struggle to let go sometimes haha! Their faces when their fish go near the decorations they picked out or something is awesome tho. Well worth it haha!
  20. e_watson09

    Important Rescued A Betta.. Will He Make It?

    He looks fine, I'm not sure if its a tumor or injury. Either way its worth giving him a chance Time will tell exactly what you're dealing with. My first guess was injury but its hard to see in the photo

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