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    Fish-in cycle questions

    You should be fine with what you added. I wouldnt add prime because its not needed if your below 0.5.
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    Fish-in cycle questions

    First off of you added around half of the media from your from your brothers tank you are probably already cycled or pretty much close to it. Secondly false positive readings are common and most test have an error range of 0.5 s0 your point 0.25 could be 0. What i would do is just leave the...
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    Aquarium light at night

    Sorry to hear about your husband. Leaving your light on 24/7 coukd stress your fish and cause and algae outbreak. You could only have your light turned on overnight for your husband and leave it off during the day or if he only needs it before he sleeps and doesnt wake up during the night you...
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    It was my daughters birthday yesterday and she decided she wanted spicy lamb with a bone in it or lamb chops as its more commonly known. I put the plate of chops on the table and whent to get the rest if the dish3s and when i came back i found my daughter has gone through the pile of chops...
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    Funny The right way to go on a vacation

    I go back to Australia for around a month every 2 yrs and other then getting my mother in law to top up the water every week my tank doesnt get touched. My tank always looks better after i come back compared to when i left.
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    90 Gallon Tank Manufacturer Defect, sigh...

    Forget to tell the company and they might send you a free one.
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    Funny New baby panda!

    Cute baby.
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    What kind of worms are these and are they harmful to my frogs?

    You will have to change your water regularly and remove any organic waste to stop them fr coming back
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    What kind of worms are these and are they harmful to my frogs?

    I agree theyre detritus worms and no they wont infect your hangnails.
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    Brown spots all over aquarium

    Orangey brown spots sound like diatoms but they dont appear over a few hrs.
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    Question Fresh/ saltwater sand?

    Or thats a good excuse for starting up a new salt water tank
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    Not sure about these guppies?

    Hes a male. Guppys can store sperm for around 6months so any male shes been with in that time could be a father.
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    Help with my molly! Sudden change?

    Mollys are huge waste producers and are more aggressive in smaller tanks. You are always going to have troubles in a 10g with them sorry.
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    Zebra Pleco bargain!

    I dont know your original tittle but i do know the mods dont do anything without a reason. If i was you id send them a private message.
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    Debating CO2

    If you want a planted tank get your substrate first. Aquasoils imo are the best substrate for a planted tank but some brands are a bit pricey but they are definitely worth the outlay. If you havent got your lights yet i would worry about them before co2 as you dont want to need to buy better...
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    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    Icons are back for me too now
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    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    Im still having problems with no icons but i tried to log on on my laptop and it said user doesnt exist. I think im going crazy cause im sure i exist.
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    Cherry Red Shrimp Fry

    Baby shrimp are cute
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    Changing substrate in established tank

    1 remove 3/4 of your water then remove your fish. 2. Remove old substrate and let all the gunk settle on the bottom before vacuuming the bottom to remove as much as possible. 3. add new substrate pre rinse it if you need to. 4. Replant tank and refill 5. Turn on filter and leave it settle...
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    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    @Mike i cleared cache and restarted ny phone note8 and im still not getting icons just the little boxes with a x

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