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  1. Donthemon

    Urgent, Please tell me how to help my fish.

    How would they even know you had too much bacteria.? No such thing.
  2. Donthemon

    HELP 2 male gouramis in 55 gallon tank HELP

    They might. Get another tank or bring one back by to the fish store
  3. Donthemon

    Question PH of replacement water higher than tank water, what to do?

    Or use another source of water like bottled rdo .
  4. Donthemon

    Help A discus fish not eating

    Is she being bullied by the other discus? I would also do larger water changes. Like 25 to 50% twice a week. How old or large are the discus.? Is she darker in color now?
  5. Donthemon

    Newbie 75 Gallon

    Nice. How are you going to keep the tank cycling while you are gone?
  6. Donthemon

    90 Gallon Tank Manufacturer Defect, sigh...

    Open it next time before you leave the store. Should be able to return it to the store you bought it from and exchange it.
  7. Donthemon

    90 Gallon Tank Manufacturer Defect, sigh...

    Was it shipped to you or did you pick it up at a store?
  8. Donthemon

    55 Gallon Tank Am I cycled yet UPDATE

    Looks like there is fish in the tank though. Might kill them all.
  9. Donthemon

    Lethargic Guppies - Question unique to my situation

    Keep up with large water changes , will help if parasites. Carbon not really needed.
  10. Donthemon

    Muck From Pond - Really Bad Idea - Right?

    I wouldn’t add to a tank with other fish, but sounds cool if you just add those ones. Then at least if something goes bad no loss to other fish.
  11. Donthemon

    Cycling question

    Strange to never have nitrate but you can still get parasites and bacteria etc. Are you trying not to do water changes? Is your tank cycled? Looks like just set up on 10/10/19?
  12. Donthemon

    Community tank with baby African cichlid

    What type of cichlid? Also Cory’s should be in a group of 5 or so minimum.....
  13. Donthemon

    What is that stuff?

    Biofilm isn’t bad. But yes you need water circulation in the tank. It helps stop algae also.
  14. Donthemon

    What is that stuff?

    Sounds like bio film yes.
  15. Donthemon

    Scared the fish tank won't hold ...

    Well if there is a crawl space you could add a couple support joists. Water weighs 8 lbs a gallon. If it is a “normal” house built to code it should be fine.
  16. Donthemon

    Help What can keep aquarium at 0.25 ammonia after water change?

    Just for grins test your tap water for ammonia nitrites nitrates.
  17. Donthemon

    Putting Hands in Tank

    Just make sure you don’t have soap or lotion on your hands or arms.
  18. Donthemon

    New to large tanks...i have some questions

    So at least 50 % once a week for discus. I do once a week 75% for my 75 gallon discus. They like fresh water!
  19. Donthemon

    Could 2.5 ppm Nitrate be Right?

    What color is 2.5? What test kit are you using stops or liquid. What is your tap water test readings?
  20. Donthemon

    Trying to find out what kind of fish i have

    Cichlid. Are those white spots on it? Looks like ich.

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