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  1. Mrfister1116

    First Time in the Salt Water Hobby

    Softies are great starters. Green star polyp and Xenia’s are like weeds super easy to keep, they can take over especially the Xenia, as are Kenya trees. for inverts clean up crew(cuc as its often abbreviated) are a good start hermit crabs, snails ...everyone’s a bit different but I try and keep...
  2. Mrfister1116

    What do you feed your corals?

    If you dice it up insanely small. My lfs and most everyone I speak to suggests reefroids or reef frenzy with a turkey baster. My shrooms, leathers, torch, hammer, frogspawn, acans, zoa’s,.... so on and so forth all seem to love the reef roids. I also does phytoplankton they can filter feed off...
  3. Mrfister1116

    Question Gloves

    If you wash them off they should be fine, certainly shouldn’t be causing ick, except in maybe cross contamination between tanks. I got some gloves off amazon that go halfway up my forearm( supposed to be elbow length but what can you do) for my saltwater tank and just rinse them between uses or...
  4. Mrfister1116

    Boy or girl Snail????????

    Snails are hermaphroditic, so they’re always both.
  5. Mrfister1116

    Anemone Budding?

    Ended up loosing the nem
  6. Mrfister1116

    Question Stocking A First Time 30 Gallon.

    Well, that doesn’t always work with clowns just keep an eye on them. If you add them at the same time, and get a long term pair or a very young pair you should be fine. Chromis are great fun they’re my fiancé’s favorite fish I think, fire fish are probably mine
  7. Mrfister1116

    Is A Hob And Sponge Filter Enough For A Medium Planted Tank?

    Allot of people just run sponge filters... or no filter in planted tanks. I’ve got one filter on the right side of my 55 planted and it does great
  8. Mrfister1116

    Question Stocking A First Time 30 Gallon.

    I’d skip the coral beauty, they’re wonderful but my small one is all over my 75g tank. Even a small one would get stressed out and stress out the other fish. Everyone smarter than me suggest odd number chromis so they don’t bicker my three seem quite happy Careful with clownfish, they can...
  9. Mrfister1116

    Question Sand Substrate

    Looks like some waste
  10. Mrfister1116

    Question How Much Nitrite From Ammonia

    well, it looks like it’s stsrting to cycle The short answer is who knows It’s all going to be how fast the bacteria populate the tank. In the last three fw tanks I set up I had very little in the way of spiking. Ones I’ve had in the past skyrocketed during the first month or so. I’ve never...
  11. Mrfister1116

    Xenia Wanted

    Sorry thought I’d responded to this, I’m down in Kentucky or else I’d probably just give you some.
  12. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    I’ve never kept those particular cats, you should be fine adding two though. At worst you’d supplement their grazing with an algae wafer every so often.
  13. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    I don’t Fertilize my planted tanks, depending on who you talk to it’s only worth it if you have super strong lighting and/or co2 injection. I would assume your tank is in the cycle process and has extra nitrates this algae growth, water changes can help that ... fertilizers can exacerbate the...
  14. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    See I have super hard ward too, but before the cuttle bone they all had super weak shells ... reproduced and lived fine I suppose mostly just needed their hard shells for the puffers
  15. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    Oh, if you do choose to keep them, think about getting some cuttle bone, they can take awhile to sink but the snails will munch on it for calcium which they need for healthy shells. It’s sold for birds and pretty cheap I got a two pack for like $3 and a half of one has lasted 6 months in the...
  16. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    You can scrape the algae off.... uh if they’re bladder snails, which they appear to be, they eat dead foliage, extra fish food, and other dead matter. Very helpful cleaners really. You’ll see the population explode and then drop back food becomes abundant and they eat it all. The eggs will look...
  17. Mrfister1116

    Xenia Wanted

    Well, it grows like a weed I have several colonies I could sell you where are you located?
  18. Mrfister1116

    Snail Infestation?!

    Looks like some algae, they look like bladder snails there they’ll eat that for you. Personally I like having a clean up crew in my planted tanks, plus I feed snails to my puffers so breeding them is nice. To get rid of them you can get an assassin snail or some pea puffers Assassin snails...
  19. Mrfister1116

    How Do I Create A Custom Decoration?

    Drift wood, untreated hardwoods You can use aquarium safe silicone( buy the aquarium stuff or look for 100% silicon caulk that DOES NOT have anything that prevents mold. I use mostly GE 100% silicon from Home Depot, there’s other brands you can get in colors just look for 100% silicon with no...
  20. Mrfister1116

    Humidity For Frogs

    Ultrasonic foggers have worked for me with reptiles/amphibians. Put it on a timer so it kicks on intermittently to keep humidity high.Now if this is a half water half land set up I wouldn’t put one with fish/tadpoles. You can add a waterfall in and that will help raise the humidity in that sort...

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