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  1. lilirose

    Help Lighting questions

    I did no "calculation" at any stage other than "are my plants growing well and looking healthy and happy?"- there's no need to figure anything out using math when I can change the intensity at any time with a touch of my finger. In the first few weeks after planting I kept the lights to about...
  2. lilirose

    Help New tank for a beginner

    I'd say you'd be quite heavily stocked if you added all the fish you mentioned and should not consider also adding tetras and/or a gourami along with those in a tank that size.
  3. lilirose

    How to clean plants

    A lot of people use a diluted bleach dip to remove snails and other pests, though to be honest I have never heard of other parasites being spread via freshwater plants, with the possible exception of planaria- but accidentally adding pond snails to a tank can be a nightmare! Using a bleach dip...
  4. lilirose

    Help Lighting questions

    Many maufacturers do LEDs that are specifically for aquarium plants these days but I have Fluval lights in all my tanks so it's the only one I can speak about. High quality LED lights are certainly not "fish only" by any means. Fluval do several different LED lights that are intended for use...
  5. lilirose

    New tank setup

    There are literally hundreds of fish you could possibly keep in a planted 50 gallon tank, many of which are easy keepers. Again I'd advise you to go "window shopping" at a LFS and get some idea of what appeals to you personally, as none of us here know you and can guess what you might enjoy.
  6. lilirose

    Help Missing gourami and an injured frog

    I recently had two Sparkling Gouramis go missing after a male and a female paired up in the tank and became territorial. Much to my horror I found one dried to a crisp behind the aquarium stand, and I found the skull of the second one floating in the tank the day after it went missing. I don't...
  7. lilirose

    Is that nitrate ?

    Nitrate is actually sold as an aquarium fertiliser for heavily planted tanks- I've bought it and used it myself when the plants were using them up faster than my fish could produce them. I added it directly to the water column. However the ppm used in 24 hours would certainly vary by plant...
  8. lilirose

    Plant Diseases

    This might not be relevant to your situation, but I lost half a tankful of "indestructible" anubias to root melt- the rhizome turned to black mush. After much hair-pulling I tried hardening my very soft tap water using a remineraliser meant for RO water, and my plants stopped dying. Everyone...
  9. lilirose

    Shrimp for very soft water

    The shrimp you want exist in the wild and might even be used in aquaculture- though I don't know enough about it to say for sure- but unfortunately they are not available to the aquarium trade. Seems that people tend to value looks over utility. I personally use my soft water tank as a cull...
  10. lilirose

    New tank setup

    When you say "50", do you mean 50 gallon or 50 liter? If it's 50 gallon you can keep nearly anything that you want, with a very few exceptions. Visit an aquarium shop, take note of what you like but don't buy anything!- and come home and do some research online to see if the species you liked...
  11. lilirose

    Shrimp for very soft water

    Shrimp really need some hardness in the water, I'm afraid. No shrimp that I know of can moult and breed with a GH of zero. Crystal shrimp (Taiwan Bees) do best at a low pH with little to no KH but they really need a GH of 4-6. I was sitting here trying to think if there was a way to have more...
  12. lilirose

    Question What is this??

    It looks to be a buildup of biofilm. It shouldn't harm anything in the tank, though if you don't like how it looks you should remove it.
  13. lilirose

    Cory i.d.

    I think he might be a Corydoras pulcher- though I'll be the first to admit I'm not an expert. There are several more rare species with number-names that resemble him on PlanetCatfish (sorry not to link but I think they are considered to be a competing site?). He looks like he might be quite...
  14. lilirose

    Left charcoal in when dosing PraziPro - when can I re-dose?

    If the charcoal has been in the filter for a while, it might already be "spent" and didn't absorb much of the medicine- but it's impossible to know whether that's the case, so you should err on the side of caution. To avoid a possible OD of Prazi Pro, I would take the charcoal out now, keep an...
  15. lilirose

    Question Seed Shrimp Where to buy? Necessary?

    I only am aware of seed shrimp being something that can crop up naturally in a tank and is nothing to worry about (i.e. they are harmless, not a pest or parasite). Seed shrimp might possibly be desirable as a live food, but there are other live foods that would be easier to keep and feed, like...
  16. lilirose

    Question Will cutting back roots harm aquatic plants?

    I have two tanks with Fluval Stratum, they are an absolute nightmare to plant and keep planted. I wish I'd never bought the stuff as plants float out of it if you give them the slightest nudge! It was expensive though so I need to use it up. Be aware that crypts might well melt when replanted-...
  17. lilirose

    Question Will cutting back roots harm aquatic plants?

    You can definitely trim most roots back a huge amount. Usually trimming roots encourages new growth, exactly as trimming the top part of the plant would. Obviously the plant needs some root to survive (more or less depending on species) but the long trailing parts are generally not critical to...
  18. lilirose

    Rimless tank- fish that won't jump?

    Puffers are territorial/aggressive, are they not? I'm fairly sure they would not get along with the Sparkling Gouramis I already have and would likely attack Amano shrimp (which are also already in the tank and would be hard to rehome even if I wished to do so as the tank is heavily planted). My...
  19. lilirose

    Rimless tank- fish that won't jump?

    Thanks! Floating plants are the "cover" I use in my other three, smaller rimless tanks, as they are low-flow- but this tank has a Hamburg Matten Filter and the vast majority of the flow is across the top of the tank. Is there a floater than can tolerate this? So far Amazon frogbit has utterly...
  20. lilirose

    Rimless tank- fish that won't jump?

    So do the YouTube aquascapers that exclusively use rimless tanks just replace fish constantly? I'd already worked out that I would not be able to keep it topped up to the rim like they all seem to do, but 30cm in height doesn't give me a ton of leeway. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as they...

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