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  1. Islandvic

    What HOB filter is best for 75-100 gallons.

    How is the 75g going to be stocked ? I've got 5 Aquaclears. They work very well for me. The AC110 has a ton of flow and a very large media basket. The only other HOB I would suggest is the Tidal 110. The Ken's Fish site has them on sale for $62, which is the least expensive you will find...
  2. Islandvic

    Sponge filter question.

    Amazon and Chewy has the Tetra AP150 air pump on sale for $11.xx. They usually sell for $34-$40 I believe. 1 or 2 of those would be great on a 125g. I agree with JayH, Swiss Tropicals has an awesome selection of foam sponge procducts. Another option for sponge filters are the Hydro Sponge...
  3. Islandvic

    Question Ammonia problems

    Couple of questions..... What is your water change interval and about what % is removed/replaced each time? Is the substrate cleaned with a gravel siphon vac at each water change? Why was the foam sponge block replaced for the Aquaclear?
  4. Islandvic

    Freshwater DIY nitrate filter

    Welcome to the forurm. Very interesting project! Keep us updated
  5. Islandvic

    Help Marineland c360 leaking

    Is this the original C series or the updated Magniflow?
  6. Islandvic

    Question EHEIM BioPower 240 Filter Tweaking

    Can you post a pic of the Eheim filter? That model is not available in the States.
  7. Islandvic

    Filter Comparison

    Add a 2nd foam sponge block and a thin layer of Polyfil batting.
  8. Islandvic

    Crystal clear water.

    Try Acurel F water clarifier. I use the Pond version, Acurel E. Both work great. It's a product that you only need to use on occasion.
  9. Islandvic

    150G SA cichlids help on decreasing water changes.

    I agree with JayH.... Dr. Novak style plenum for the tank and throw in a couple of Biocenesis Clarification Baskets in the sump. Dr. Novak has his own YouTube channel, lot of info there on anoxic facultative anaerobic bacteria there and in online blogs he has contributed too. I'm very...
  10. Islandvic

    Question Canister filter for 10G tank

    Chewy site online has the Magniflow 160 canister on clearance
  11. Islandvic

    Filter for 29 gallon goldfish tank

    Chewy site online has the Marineland Magniflow 360 for $90 on sale.
  12. Islandvic

    Suggestions On Sterilizer Install

    How has the sterilizer and the Eheim's been doing ?
  13. Islandvic

    Question How To Turn Down An Air Pump That Can't Be Turned Down?

    The easiest method to control flow is to install a "T" fitting in-line with the hose powering the air stone. Off the other port of the "T" fitting, install an inch or two of air line with a control valve connected to it. When its fully closed, 100% of the air goes to the airstone. As you...
  14. Islandvic

    Hatchetfish With Ich

    Were you able to increase the temp? The Ich has started to fall off the fish, and they are either free floating or on the substrate going through its lifecycle like in the video. Soon they will burst and release more. While they are free floating and on the substrate, that is the only time...
  15. Islandvic

    Can A 75g Tank Fit In A Car?

    The limiting factor is the angle of the rear door opening. It may physically fit it back seat, but if the door doesnt open wide enough, then it's a no-go. How are you going to build the stand ? Or are you getting a pre-made one?
  16. Islandvic

    Sponges For Hob...

    Something like the video suggests can be adapted to use for the Penguin 350's intake. I'd take the strainer off and place a foam block from an Aquaclear 70 on the end, the same way the video shows.
  17. Islandvic


    How is the 55g going to be stocked?
  18. Islandvic

    Tank Quality Concerns / 125g Ideas

    Sounds like a fantastic stocking for a 180g ! ! I've never kept discus, but I do know they like their water very clean. Are you looking at Jack Wattely, Hans, Discus Madness, or another discus vendor ? Since you have a sump, may I suggest taking some time to research Dr. Novak and his...
  19. Islandvic

    Tank Quality Concerns / 125g Ideas

    There are a lot of different types of geophagus..... Red Head Tapajos Winemilleri Altifrons Many awesome looking tanks on YouTube featuring these species.

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