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  1. iloveengl

    I'm going back to school!!!

  2. iloveengl

    Need a brackish clean-up crew!

    I do believe you must have 50 posts to participate in any B/S/T transactions on this site.
  3. iloveengl

    Repashy and possible overeating

    My concern with food blocks is the affect it can have on the water. Traditional food blocks can make the water disgusting pretty quickly, causing param spikes, cloudiness, and general grossness in the fish's home. The ingredients sound great for meat-eating fish, though. Maybe use the stuff as...
  4. iloveengl

    20L platy stocking

    Is that a 20 gallon long or a 20 litre tank? If it's a 20 litre tank, then the only thing I would put in it are ADFs or a betta, shrimp, snails, and plants. That size is too small for platys; I wouldn't put them in less than a 24 inch tank.
  5. iloveengl

    Flat Sand?

    ^^ True, cichlidman. Or you may have loaches or some such that like to roam the sand and will make their own paths. Either way, I don't think that aspect of having sand substrate is terribly important. It would be wise, if you don't have MTS in your tank, to stir the sand occasionally; I use a...
  6. iloveengl

    Want To Sell lots of plants and supplies for sale

    Plants (anacharis & pennywort) arrived today in beautiful condition, even with USPS delaying the delivery by a day. Healthy plants, low prices, and a congenial seller. Would recommend.
  7. iloveengl

    Giving garlic to fish?

    I keep my unused garlic bulbs and remaining cloves in a wire basket, but they last for months in any dry, cool area, like a cupboard or pantry.
  8. iloveengl

    Help Too much death - why?

    I will say from experience that a team of kuhlis will strip a carcass in hours, leaving only a slim skeleton that can be very difficult to find later. It's possible that they are a weak stock, and the shock of moving was too much. Or maybe temperature spikes are occurring without you...
  9. iloveengl

    Moving out of state with fish

    If you keep the media & substrate wet, you really don't need to keep the old water. Try not to bag them until the morning of the trip, and keep them them in you car (rather than the trunk or back of a moving van) for additional temperature control if possible. +1 for stresscoat. Good luck...
  10. iloveengl

    stocking advice

    The roseline sharks are very active fish that grow large enough that they may become too big and energetic for a 4' tank. They also prefer fast moving water; if you do choose to get them, I would invest in a quality powerhead. Imo, though, they're not suitable for your tank. The best tankmates...
  11. iloveengl

    I lost my beloved Lola last night

    I'm sorry for your loss, Lynda. BPs are such sweet fish. It was strong and kind of you to ease her passing. RIP Lola.
  12. iloveengl

    Giving garlic to fish?

    Caution: I do NOT recommend canned vegetables - they are very high in salt and can potentially do more harm than good. I use the cheapest bag of frozen peas I can buy. Take a few peas from the bag and let them thaw. Remove the thin outer shell of the pea and throw it away. Chop the pea into...
  13. iloveengl

    Went to the Wolf Creek Environmental Center today.

    The damsel is darling. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.
  14. iloveengl

    Giving garlic to fish?

    I've never used the jarred stuff; if you don't know what's in it, I would be hesitant to use it. With fresh garlic, I peel a clove, smash it with a spoon, toss the mess in a juice glass with a few spoonfuls of tank water, and let it sit for a few hours. Then I toss the garlic chunks in the...
  15. iloveengl

    My daughter dropped tons of flakes/wafers/dried shrimp in her 10 gallon tank....

    Prime has the added benefit of neutralizing ammonia. I imagine the tetras are happy to be in a larger school. A larger tank not only means more swim space, but likely more stable water parameters, as well. And additional plants may make them feel safer, while providing new spaces to explore...
  16. iloveengl

    Thought things were going great... Until I noticed what appears to be ich

    Can you post a pic so we may help identify the issue if you're not certain. If it is ich, I'll add that I've successfully treated ich using the heat treatment suggested by the above poster. Grab another heater if you're unable to get the temp consistently high enough. Did you add someone...
  17. iloveengl

    Pink Flamingo guppy fry!

    Sending PM.
  18. iloveengl

    5 Gallon Tank betta and snail

    Harpua (on this forum) sells nerite snails. They're excellent algae eaters and a smaller (but pretty) snail that will work well in a 5g tank. They also don't have the long antennae-like things that apple/mystery snails have and that bettas like to poke at. You could also give a go at ghost...
  19. iloveengl

    Free Dojo/Weather Loaches

    I found my babies a new home in town. :-) Thank you. Closing Thread.
  20. iloveengl

    Free Dojo/Weather Loaches

    Regular. Grey/brown with spots.

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